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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wines' Store Email Of 4/24/12 On : Black Diamond Brewing,EG Edinburgh Gin, Florida Beer Brewing, Anderson Valley Brewing, Dogfish Head Brewing, Jihn Kelly Irish Hard Cider, Destillerie Purkhart & More ....

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YOU MUST STOP BY now or after work on this Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 as the sun
starts to warm us back up and creep from behind the clouds of the last two days
and the cold, brrrr - too! It's nice to start warming back up and drying up as
we think about our time away from work when we can relax and recharge our worn
batteries for yet another day. It's always about balance and of course
eating-drinking well, getting plenty of sleep and getting as much out of each
and every moment as is humanly possible for each and everyone of us.

WE ALL MARCH TO THE BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUMMER and  so it is up to each of us
to find our own personal rhythm and balance. We can help, of course at least
with all the liquid refreshments. Ean, Ravi, Santos and Tony ( me ) are more
than ready to assist you in this most complex and daunting task of matching you
all up to a better balance and situation as we recommend those beers, liquors
or wines that may in fact really add some special to your lives.

FEEL FREE & COMFORTABLE to ask all anything. That's why we are here to assist
you with whatever situations you find yourself in from wanting to thank someone
for feeding your cat or dog while you were away with a gift of a bottle of
wine, planning a birthday, wedding, block party, school auction, or even if you
are running to raise money for breast cancer research and need a bottle or
more. We are here to help you with any situation that you find yourselves in
and need some help. Most situations are fairly easy for us to get you through
as we have done this now a million times or more. Who's counting anymore?!?

THE NICE WEATHER JUST MAKES me as I am sure it does you all feel better. Here
are some of the things that I " discovered " as I walked up and down the length
of our store. I mentioned to Ravi that he had quite a few " new " things on our
shelves and I had to put some back as there were too many to write about in
just this one email. But I will try anyway as Santos, too had quite a few " new
" beers in both cans and bottles. Ravi showed me a " new " 16-ounce can from
Budweiser/ MICHELOB that looks to be a lite beer with citrus flavors added to
it : much like the " panache " that you have in the Paris bars that are so
refreshing in warmer weather. Ravi said that we would all sample this can and
see what we think?


1) Imperial IPA" Rampage " Brewed & Bottled by BLACK DIAMOND BREWING ( On
Special for $7.99, 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz, Concord, CA., 9% Alcohol by volume,
www.bdbrewing.com, Twitter : bdbrewing / Facebook : Black Diamond Brewery ) : "
Up front the nose is big and assertive with aromas of candied orange,
grapefruit and pine. Biscuity malt layers balance the aggressive hops as the
nectar glides over the tongue. Lingering bitterness leaves you ready for the
next satisfying draught ".
Sounds like a great beer to take on a picnic or enjoy outside at a bar or
cafe on a busy street as you watch people pass by.

2) " Florida Lager "  from FLORIDA BEER ( we have two types here already,
as well as one cider that I will mention later ). This Florida Lager ( On
Special for $7.99 a 6-pack, Melbourne, Florida, 32901 , www.floridabeer.com )
just arrived. Santos told me about it last week and here it is already. "
Florida Lager is a tropical inspired craft lager ... a perfect blend of 2-row
and caramel malt with German Tradition and Northern Brewer hops ".

3) " Hop Ottin " IPA India Pale Ale from ANDERSON VALLEY Brewing Company (
On Special for $11.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce cans, since 1987, solar powered
brewery,  go to : avbc.com for more info, 7% alcohol  by volume , Booneville,
CA. ) is new and exciting. There seems to be a whole revolution in putting
quality beer in cans today.

4) SAHTEA Ale Brewed with Black Chai Tea & Juniper Berries from DOGFISH
HEAD ( $13.99  a 1 Pt. 9.6Fl. Oz bottle, 9% Alcohol by Volume, Milton,
Delaware,  ) : " Our Sahtea is based on the traditional
9th-century Finnish recipe for Sahti in that we brew it with rye and juniper
and heat the wort with wood-fired rocks. We break with tradition by adding an
exotic Black Chai at the end of the boil ".


1)  Irish Hard Cider Double-Fermented Traditional, Pasturized from JOHN J.
KELLY ( On Special for $7.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles, 4.6% alcohol by
volume, Melbourne, FL. 32901 ) is : " cider made from apple juice, water,
sugar, malic acid and ascorbic acid ". This will be fun for this warmer weather
and you should all try it if you are hard apple cider fans.


1) Orchard PEACH Fruit Liqueur from ROTHMAN & WINTER ( On Special for
$22.99, 24% alcohol by volume, 750ml bottle, from the DESTILLERIE PURKHART,
Steyr, Austria ,   www.alpenz.com ) : " The Oststeiermark region near our
distillery boasts a variety of peaches including the Roter Ellerstradter,
Weinberg and Haven. This liqueur combines juices from the seasonal harvest with
eaux-de-vie produced from the same fruit. Delicious with just soda water, and
stunning in whiskey or rum drinks ".


1) " Cake " from THREE OLIVES , this THREE-O ( On Special for $20.99, 35%
Alcohol by Volume, www.threeolives.com ) is : " a delicious imported English
vodka flavored with birthday cake. Enjoy Three-O Cake as a shot, on the rocks,
or in your favorite cocktail ".

2) Pig's Nose Blended Scotch Whiskey ( aged 5 years , On Special for
$29.99, from Spencerfield Farm Inverkeithing, Fife Scotland,
www.pigsnosewhisky.com ) : " The whisky's signature " smoothness " is rooted in
its specially selected Speyside, Islay and Lowland malts which have been aged
in oak casks ... produces a whisky that is truly as " soft as a Pig's Nose ". "

3) Irish Whiskey Gaois Gan Smal of COCANNON ( On Special for $24.99,
established 1883, www.ConcannonWhiskey.com ) : " a blend of 100% Irish Whiskey
mellowed in Concannon Petit Sirah wine barrels for optimal flavor and
complexity ". this is distilled & matured in collaboration with COOLEY
Distillery in County Louth, Ireland. It's also new for us here in Cleveland

4) Organic Whiskey Dark Oat Single Barrel  LION'S PRIDE ( Distilled from
100% Oat , $49.99, 40% alcohol by volume, also kosher, distilled and bottled by
Kovak Inc, Chicago, Illinois  ) : " Lion's Pride Organic Whiskey is the first (
legal ) whiskey distilled in Chicago since Prohibition - handcrafted in small
batches and named after the distiller's son, Lion. A single grain unfiltered
whiskey made with organic oat, the Dark Oat is aged in new charred American Oak
barrels ". This is from Barrel # 77. Enjoy.

5) EG Edinburgh Gin Produced & Bottled by SPENCERFIELD SPIRIT COMPANY in
Edinburgh , Scotland ( $39.99 , 43% alcohol by volume, Inverkeithing, Scotland,
www.edinburghgin.com ) : " Edinburgh Gin is produced in small single batch
distillations using an ancient hand beaten Scottish copper pot still. ... added
a Scottish twist with pine and milk Thistle ... premium gin, crisp with a spicy
fruit edge ". Got a Gold from SIP AWARDS.



1) 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Saint-Bris's CLOTHILDE DAVENNE, this 2010 (
On Special for $16.99 ) is made in the Burgundy region jsut by Chablis and is
the only Sauvignon Blanc made. It's flavorful and fresh and with great mineral
and even touches of citrus. Medium-bodied, with both character and enough
flavor to stand it's own against many a well-seasoned dish. You should try it :
it's fun and offers a whole lot and there's such a fun story, too. Discover the
only Burgundy Sauvignon Blanc : from Saint Bris.

2) " V " 2011 Verdelho HERDADE DO ESPORAO ( $15.99, since 1267, 100%
Verdelho indigenous grapes ) : " This variety was planted in 2001 on our estate
on complex stony soils consisting of granite, schist and basalt... ". It's
pretty exceptional this flavorful and forward and richly-laden white that
bursts with sunshine and freshness and is great to sip all by itself or enjoy
with a meal. It will warm you even with the cold breeze and the dampness.
Danielle poured it here this past Saturday.

3)  Pinot Gris 2010 2010 from PEREGRINE in Central Otago ( On Special for
$23.99, regularly $29.99, www.peregrinewines.co.nz , 14% alcohol by volume ) is
amazingly rich and layered, textured and smooth. It really is a treat to sip
with or without a meal. It's so versatile and so pleasing all by itself. We
have been selling it for years ever since owner and wine-maker Greg Hay came to
taste us years ago when Mike Martin was here, going back to 2004 0r 2005 I
believe I will have to check my notes. We have also sold the Pinot Noir and the
Riesling. You simply must try some - it's superb, simply a delight and so

4) Vinho Verde 2011  de Portugal called ANJOS ( $8.99 ) was tasted here
this past Saturday afternoon by Danielle and see that we sold quite a bit of
it. It was perfect for this past Saturday as it was still sunny and warm and
with only 9.5% alcohol by volume and with a bot of sparkle it is a perfect
hot-weather dry white. Of course on Sunday and Monday it was cold and wet and
it would not be as ideal. But the heat and the humidity are coming and this dry
, slightly sparkling, low-alcohol white with clear glass and a colorful and
floral label will be all the rage : especially at under $10 a bottle!

5) Sauvignon Blanc 2010 from Chile's Maipo Valley ( $17.99, 13% alcohol by
volume, www.webcodeff.cl ) by  DE MARTINO is made from organically grown
grapes.It's quite flavorful with really good mineral and acidity and is best
with food. It's not a casual sipping wine. " DE MARTINO and CODEFF together
supporting the conservation of Chilean flora and fauna ". I like this, I like
it a whole lot! Cheers e bravo.It's also available in a dry red blend that we
also carry and have on our shelves. Both are food wines, try them both.


1) Cabernet Franc - 100% -  De Saumur 2011 " La Cabriole " , mis en
bouteille a la propriete/estate-bottled ) from the CAVE DE SAUMUR, Loire
valley, France ( On Special for $10.99 ) is always a great warm-weather
delight. Good color, medium-to-light-bodied, good mineral and acidity with
well-defined accents of spice, too. This is a dry rose to enjoy with a meal as
it will cut through many food flavors and refresh your palate as you eat and
drink. Great value, too. We have had many Loire Valley dry rose Cabernet Francs
and they are usually a minimum of $5 or more a bottle.

2) Costieres De Nimes dry 2011 French rose from the CHATEAU De CAMPUGET (
$12.99, 30% Grenache Noir and 70% Syrah, www.dreyfusashby.com ), this "
Tradition de Campuget " is bone-dry with really great crisp edginess, real
mouth-puckering almost flavors that will be great when you need a steely-dry
medium-bodied rose to cut through some bolder food flavors. That's what it
tasted like a month ago, mind you when Ean and I tasted it together. It may
have softened since then and become more rounded and open and so we will have
to taste it with you all, perhaps this weekend. We will see. It used to be
imported by the Robert Kacher Selections before both parties went their own

3) " Les Ligeriens " off-dry/fruity French Loire valley rose 2011 ( On
Special for $10.99 , 11% alcohol by volume, bottled by Les Vignerons des
Terroirs de la Noelle ) is one of the few fruity roses that we sell here as
there are not as many requests for this style. This is a perfect example of
this style from France's Loire valley and sure to delight.


1) 2010 Cotes Du Rhone DOMAINE De La SOLITUDE dry red blend ($16.99 ) is
fruit-forward and fresh and bright and quite delicious. I just had some down at
Lavandou a month or so ago when I dined there with my college roommate. It was
showing really well with both the lamb and the duck that we ordered.

2) Touriga Nacional an indigenous grape variety widely used in Portugal,
this 2008 GRAND' ARTE ( $16.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, www.dfjvinhos.com )
Portuguese vinho regional Lisboa was tasted here this past Saturday by our
local rep Danielle. It's a fine food wine, meant to be enjoyed with a flavorful
meal inside or outside. It's made from 100% Touriga Nacional grapes and will
give you a good idea of what the grape tastes like.

3) Chambourcin French hybrid, this 2010 from FABBIOLI CELLARS in
Virginia's Loudoun county ( $18.99, www.fabbioliwines.com, 12% alcohol by
volume ) was planted widely back in the early 70-80's in Virginia and I am glad
to see that owner/winemaker Doug has kept this French hybrid. It's
medium-to-light-bodied, has good spice and acidity and is best with a meal that
fleshes it out. As Doug writes : " Try this with a good marinara sauce or bring
it to a summer cookout ". You may also chill it slightly if you are outside. It
will liven up the flavors as well as ground and focus them. Cheers.

4) Sangiovese ( Brunello Clone , $21.99, 14.9% alcohol by volume, Paso
Robles, California ) is flavorful, hearty, rustic and needs some food to fill
out the flavors. Much like it's Italian inspiration from Tuscany this is a wine
to enjoy with food. We have sold it now for the last five years or so and done
well with it. You should try it soon as it's still a bit cooler. It's more of a
cold-weather wine, although after a grill sitting outside when the sun goes
down and sipping it with some hors d'ouevres would be very pleasing, too.


1) Gruner Veltliner Frizzante from ANTON BAUER ( $16.99, 12% alcohol by
volume, ) is from Austria's Osterreich region. It's soft and round and fresh
and lively and bright : very much like an Italian Veneto Prosecco. This is nice
to sip with or without a meal, anytime, really. It's a delight and we are very
pleased to be introducing it to you all now.

2) " Cuvee Imperiale " Clairette de Die " Tradition " ( $21.99, 7% alcohol
by volume, from France's Rhone valley, Die, Drome, France )  is an off-dry,
subtly fruity and delicate that we have sold for years now. The owner himself
has been here at least twice tasting it and we generally sell out each time we
taste it. Tastes like fragrant, silky apricots and nectarines and has mild
overtones of honeysuckle and nuts, too. It's a winner no matter how you cut it.
Try it again as if for the very first time : have childish delight and glee
when you do!


FRIDAY, April 27th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Anne Haye our Select rep that
sells her excellent Italian and Spanish wines through Bacchus imports here to
taste a selection of her wines with you all. Maybe we can talk Anne into
opening some of the CASA E. Di MIRAFIORE Barolo 2007 when she is here? That
sells for $45.99 and is a beauty.
ALSO : Santos has two beer tastings with :
1) LONGTRAIL and also with  2) FLORIDA BEER that I mentioned above.

SATURDAY, April 28th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) : Ean and I will open some of the
wines that we have bought this month and want to shed some light on like the
French roses that I wrote up here earlier. We will figure the wines out
tomorrow so if you want to know before you get here call either Ean or me and
we will fill you in on what we have decided.

I AM SURE THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to get this email
into you hands before you leave work and get a moment to enjoy this sunshine
and things drying out with a six pack of beer, a bottle of wine, some gin or
Irish whiskey, some sparkling wine perhaps like the Clairette de Die or the
ANTON BAUER sparkling Austrian Gruner Veltliner " ALL of which I have written
of above?!?

YOU CAN CHECK US OUT at : www.clevelandparkwines.com, on Facebook at :
Cleveland Park Wines, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits and at :
chatwine.blogspot.com. Cheers and thanks for all your support over the years.
Let us know what we may do for you? WE are always here for you.   TONY

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