Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Sells The SALTON Wines Of Brazil ? SIMPLE : They're Good, Affordable & Available To Us As We Approach The Summer Olympics & The Soccer World Cup 2014! Tim Tim, Obregado A. & M. Imports & Mike & Katie Cavanagh! It Takes A Team!

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SALTON here in Washington D.C. provides wines that are affordable and that we can sell against everything else and that our customers like and buy because they are good for the money, competitive and that's what we need. I want to sell the others and will buy more LIDIO CARRARO from Winebow Imports, RIO/SOL from Dionysos Imports ... and want to buy CASA VALDUGA again but the Country Vintners does not have them anymore, and Soothern Imports does not seem to have anything here in this market except the CARNAVAL sparkling wines that are really not something I want to promote as , for me, BRASIL is so much better than that! I'd like to buy from Southern Imports the MIOLO and the DON GUERINO wines that they supposedly sell here in the United States? They do not seem to be pushing these or any others here in Washington D.C.?!? I have reached out here on Facebook and no answer, will try again now. SO : Mike Cavanagh of A. & M. Imports comes and pours and together we keep something ALIVE and in the faces of our customers here in Washington D.C. to have celebrated the New Year of 2014 and Carnaval now, and the Summer Olympics and the Soccer World Cup soon, too! Thanks- Obregado Mike and Katie Cavanagh for your help these last few months. AND : in fairness to SALTON : IT was - the Extra Dry Espumante the very first Brazilian wine I tried in Brasil when I returned there in late June 2012 at the Hotel Victoria Dall'Onder when Milton Sebbem offered me a glass upon arrival, and nothing tasted so good as it did- and my second glass - obregado Milton, ambassador extraordinaire of SALTON. They should hire you!! Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 3/3/2014

This , I believe is th ' gift ' of a bottle of the X DECIMA or the PIAGENTINI Espumante Brut 2002 given to us that we were able to share a glass with Barbara Ruppel and Anna- Paula Valenti of the Wines Of Brasil at the Hotel Victoria Dall-Onder back in late June 2012 : what real treat! How bready/ yeasty. lots of dough, fine cream of nu flavors, too : best with food for all the rich, complex flavors that were intensified, multiplied, aged and experienced and ' crying to be heard - tasted ! " They were, too! Bravo Brasil, bravo espumante of Brasil, a real special treat.  Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  3/3/2014  ... buried here in white snow we are in Washington D.C. toady. It was winner back then in Brasil and yet there was no snow, it was lovely in bento Goncalves, the Valle Dos Vinhedos, Caixias Do Sul, and Nova Padua ...   TONY

From my recent conversation and Facebook posts with Vinicius and Sergio and a photograph of the SALTON winery/ mansion that Vinicius posted recetly and tagged me ...  June 20th-21st, 2014 ... enjoy, obregado ...  TONY 6/22/2014  Bom dai a tudos ...  TONY

  • Anthony Quinn I will have to go some day Vinicius! TONY Happy Sunday!!! Cheers, Bom dia ,,,
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  • Sergio Cardona D+ essa foto...
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  • Anthony Quinn So you do not like the Salton wines or you do not like this photo of Salton Sergio? A D+ in the United States is not good, it is very poor. So, if that is what it means then why is this only a D+? I would really like to know, and what is an A+? Cheers, TONY 6/22/2014
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  • Sergio Cardona Dear Tony!!. Here in Brazil the word D+ would refer to a very cool event spetacular. Some people use when they want to express a beautiful place, such as in the case of this wonderful winery in the city of Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul...
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  • Anthony Quinn What does the D stand for - any word that it is short for? Thanks you for explaining this to me because I did not understand. What wine do you like best from SALTON? Cheers, obregado, bom dia to you. TONY
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