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My Visit With Owner-Winemaker Jose Soto Of Spain That Came To Taste His Fabulous Spanish Wines This Past Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 : Tasted, Talked, Bonded, Drew A Quick Pen Portrait Sketch Of Jose Before He Left

I loved meeting Jose Soto this past Wednesday March 5th, 2014 @ Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits in Northwest Washington D.C., 20008. Jose had two different wineries to show me and taste with me. I had my camera and was ready and took many pictures as we worked through a range of excellent reds that ranged in style as well as in prices from the $20-$180 I believe?

LOVED Jose's passion, the calm, the intensity under the surface! He is proud, has a great mission, great responsibility to carry on the three generation of really fine winemaking that his family started. You can see the volcano of energy, heat and fire burning deep inside him, it shows in his eyes that fix you in his and convey so much so quickly, in less time than it takes to win a gold at the Olympics these days! I loved meeting and tasting with Jose and will enjoy soon selling these fine wines of his.

 I will check my notes at work. I am at home now on Sunday a beautiful day here with lots of baby blue skies, sunny, bright, cool but not cold, and with clumps of white snow still melting gracefully outside. I will go out shortly to enjoy some of this beautiful weather as it was the same yesterday when I was at work at the store all day long talking about various wines from all over the world, making ' new ' customers, seeing old customers, greeting newborns and young children, and many dogs that visit with their owners as well.

 All great and enriching experiences, just like tasting with Jose that is passionate about what he does and owns. Three generations and he has pictures at all ages and of everyone to show the relationship and this vital family connection that he honors, loves and respects. The references are also on his labels, and between the pictures on his i-pad and his labels he was quick to point many of them out to me repeatedly with his fingers. Imagine that, it was really a great connection and a bond- respect I felt growing between the two of us.

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11:35 AM - 09 Mar 14

Jose was patient with me as I tasted, took many pictures of him as he poured. I would take them, show them to him, listen to him, ask him to repeat something. It was ' slow and easy ' like I like it. Hard for others, but perfect for me. Gracias Jose.

Jose's English is very good and I complemented him on it repeatedly. It was his passion and his pride and his love of his family and wines and those that were a part of it all that fueled Jose and everything that he said and every gesture and subtle or overt nuance of his.

Jose spoke a whole lot with his hands and facial expressions. He listened carefully, took it all in, analyzed it or as much of it as he could, and responded in kind. It was a real ' give-and-take ' between the two us - a bit like a dress rehearsal of some kind. The next time will be different I am sure. It will be good but no better than this first serendipitous visit with Joe of the Country Vintner's portfolio that is helping Arielle Monaco while she is on maternity leave having just delivered a healthy baby boy. Congratulations Arielle to you and to Ryan.

I will write much more when I can refer to my notes at the store. In the meantime enjoy this and look into the fine wines of of Jose Soto, they sure are well-made, focused, balanced and respect tradition and land and climate and wines that are always fruit-focused and completely respectful and honest in their expressions of their origins. What a wonderful treat, real wine, a real special treat. Gracias, muchas gracias Jose!   Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

And thanks for the kind words.

I look forward to drawing more quick portrait sketches of you in the future. I am happy I thought to draw you quickly before you left, I think it was what completely solidified things for the two of us and for that I am really thankful. I gave it to you to thank you for such a wonderful moment we shared together. May there be many more.  TONY

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