Monday, March 17, 2014

In & Outside Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits With Anthony Quinn & Michel Dumas With NEWTON Vineyards, CHEVAL DES ANDES, CAPE MENTELLE, TERMANTHA & NVMANTHIA Wines & Our Local Washington D.C. Rep Scott Recently In 2014 , Published On Saint Patty's Day!

I could have posted the usual format for a review and a wine-tasting of ' new vintages ' of the California NEWTON Vineyards' wines as well as some of the exceptional ' others ' from countries like Spain, Argentina and Australia : some of which we bought and all of which are now on our shelves at great discounted prices, all tasted by both Michel Dumas and Anthony Quinn ( myself ) : balanced, focused, flavorful, some young, many needing more time, but all well-made and a treat with food either now or later when they have had more time to age in the bottle. as all were made to improve with age and to be served with food.

Instead I have decided, being an artist and taking many pictures as you can see here ( as I am inspired by all that is around me ), and living in Northern Virginia and working in Northwest Washington D.C., 20008, in the Cleveland Park neighborhood, THE " Happenin' Place ", to present a more artsy montage of images here to reflect the full environment and place that these wines now reside in and are a great part of.

Seeing and showing you all the ' larger picture ', the bigger framework for this whole event, before, during and after : Washington D.C. is a magnificent city and these wines from around the world are pretty magnificent, too. Now all this gentleman and his portfolio needs to do is add to it a magnificent local wine from Virginia and Maryland, and then it would be even better and even more glorious!

I will add to this as I have time. In the meantime enjoy this 'as is ' and stay-tuned for more. Today here, Monday, March 17th, 2014 at 2:16PM in northern Virginia at home where I live I look out onto our cul-de-sac covered in white snow and I now anticipate going out to shovel the walk and the driveway off and uncover my car so I may get to work tomorrow.

In the meantime today is Saint Patty's Day! Happy Saint Patty's Day all. I will enjoy my corned beef and carrots and a HARP beer or two tonight and be very happy indeed! Cheers, TONY

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