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Anthony Quinn's Store Email Of 2 Year's Ago, March 2012 : PEIRANO ESTATE, CA. PORT CITY IPA, 'Los Nahuales' Mezcal Joven, VICTORY Beer ' Headwaters ', VALLE REALE Montepulciano, COLTIBUONO 2008 Chianti Classico, PAOLO BEA ' Santa Chiara ', Moscofilero Greek Dry White, 'Dafni ' LYRARAKIS Crete Dry White, VENICA ' Jesera ' Pinot Grigio, Japanese Sake & Plum Wine ... & More!

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THE SUN'S OUT NOW, THINKING OF NAMASTE Dogfish Head beer, of " Los Nahuales "
Joven 100% Agave Espadin MEXCAL, of VICTORY " Headwaters " Pale Ale from
Dowington, PA., of Japan and our Big-Theme Japanese Sake & Plum Wine Tasting (
Wed. March 27th, 2011 5:30-8:30PM - and looking for a local relief operation to
raise money for it ), of the " new " MEDIUM RARE " restaurant in the old
Yanni's location that is opening tonight ( Brian tells me that the trial run
was yesterday ) at 5PM, of lots of Italian reds to warm us up in this chillier
weather, of our up-coming Friday, April 1st Georgian wine-tasting of five
different styles of Saperavi indigenous red grape variety wine, and of this
Friday, April 1st when we will receive a whole selection of excellent wines,
some being " inventory-reduction " from Neil Empson imports and that will offer
ridiculous values to you all from Barolos all the way down to Dolcettos and
others. There is lots on my mind now and that's good.

AND I ALMOST WENT OFF and forgot to mention all the great Austrian wines that
we offered you all here this past Wednesday evening for March's Big-Theme
Austrian wine0tasting. The overall comment at this tasting was that of the 24
wines there was not one loser! Klaus Wittauer our Austrian wine-importer was
also blown away by our selection saying that he had never seen so many Austrian
wines here in a wine store before. I told you I would paraphrase you Klaus and
so there goes.

I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT some current ITALIAN WINES that we have here now and
will list them here for you all. They include a white or two as well as many of
the Italian reds can really warm one up as the temperatures tumble when the sun
says " adieu ".
1) " Giabine " Piemonte dry white Chardonnay from ANTICHI GIOCHI ( $15.49
) : perfect to wrap yourselves around this flavorful and well-structured dry
2) " Arcese " White Canelli " Piemonte white from BERA VITTORIO E FIGLI (
$19.99 ) and imported by Louis Dressner that sells organic and wines really
typical of small regions and areas in Europe. May your prayers be with Joe as
he is suffering from brain cancer and needs our well-wishes and prayers now
more than ever. This wine is really special. Dry and complex and worth your
making a special trip here to find some and try it on for size, fit, feel and
3) " Jesera " Pinot Grigio from VENICA in Friuli, Italy's " Collio "
region that is reputed to make some of the very finest Pinot Grigio in the
world. Try this one and you will agree - filled with it's own personality and
charm, a bit more color - almost a gold-dusting - and real nuances and
definitions to expand the palate and meaning of the words " mineral "  and  "
citrus ". It's a big winner ( $22.99 ) for a nice meal.
4) " Dafni " 2007 the dry white indigenous grape variety from the island
of Crete ( I know, I know, I'm cheating a bit here but want to include these
anyway ). This LYRARAKIS dry white is layered with many skins of mineral and
citrus flavors that also included grand and smooth notes of notes with bits of
spice and accents of honey, too - the essence of honey. It;s On Special now for
$15.99 a bottle.
5) " Moscofilero " dry white indigenous grape variety from the Peloponnes
peninsula of Greece is also a stretch from Italy but still in the same vein,
really. I mean, Greek wines came first and were followed by the Italian wines
later : let's never forget that. This dry white Moscofilero On Special for
$13.99 a bottle is not as hearty of complex as the Dafni. From ESMIOS it's a
2009 and has great acidity and more punctuating acids that adhere and grip and
squeeze you and you palate just a bit more. More impatient to drive it's point
home it is also very much a wine that will excel in the company of a flavorful
meal. It will also warm us all a bit with this chilly, brisk weather outside.
6) Verdicchio 2007 of " Donna Ginerva " ( $25.99 ) from the Conte Giovanni
Baldeschi Balleani - it's a classico and one of the silky ans smooth and really
elegant, fruit-driven -toasty and animated, lively and engaging dry whites to
titilate the senses.
7) Santa Chiara from PAOLO BEA in Umbria ( $47.99 ) is served by DIONO
restaurant and is a powerhouse or more flavors and tastes ( honey, nectar,
rich and creamy and nutty and so multi-layered and thick and dark in color that
most will not know what to make of it. It's a sublime food wine, do not chill
at all and wait for it to open and reveal it's charms really slowly like a
great bottle of red wine. It's a 2006 and still has years and years of life.

1) " Germoglio " dry red Tuscan Sangiovede red from LE FILIGARE( $14.99 ),
this 2009 is showing quite nicely now and marries really well the old world and
the new world wine-making styles. Medium-bodies with some really nice
brightness, toastiness, bright intense fruit and best when served with food.
Sure to get you well on the way to being warmed up in this cold, chilly, breezy
2) Chianti Classico 2008 from Tuscany in Italy, this RS from COLTIBUONO (
$17.99 ) has again a great balance of old and new world styles of wine-making
and with it's extra weight and brawn it's especially nice when combined with a
robust and flavorful - uncomplicated comfort-food meal.
3) " Vigne Nuovo " Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2009 dry red from VALLE REALE
in the Abruzzo region of Italy is like a rustic, earthy, pithy and perky ,
spicy, too Chianti. The grapes were once Sangiovese until they became cloned so
much that they became their own. Now by law the Montepulciano can have up to
20% of the Sangiovese blended back into it.

BEER By Santos Rivera :

1) " Namaste " Beer is made by DOGFISH HEAD and is beer brewed with
coriander, orange and lemongrass (On Special for $12.99 a bottle, 1 Pt9.4 Fl
Oz, 5% alc by volume ). What a great label with a skeleton on it clapping it's
boney hands! Go t: www.dogfish.com for more info.
2) " Odyssey " Ale Aged In Oak Barrels from ALLAGASH ( $18.99, 1Pt. 9.4
Fl. Oz. , 10.4% Alc. By Volume, bottles in February, 2011, cases bottled were
55o. Limited production... www.allagash.com for more info.
3) " Headwaters " Pale Ale from VICTORY ( $9.99 a  6-Pack 12 ounce bottles
from Downingtown, PA. www.victorybeer.com  ) is new and exciting for us.
4) Ancient Grain Ale from MEINKLANG that is Austrian and organic and quite
distinct and flavorful. It's $18.99 a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles ( 100%
biodynamic farm, 4.7% Alc. by volume, 11.2 Fl Oz to be exact bottles ) .
Demeter certified ... check it out. It's brand new here.

LIQUOR/LIQUEUR From Ravinder Sharma :

1) " Los Nahuales " Mezcal Joven 100% Agave Espadin ( $52.99, 43.3% Alc By
Volume, 750ml bottle ) is also brand new here. Great bottle and package -
reusable bottle that would be fun to keep around. too. From Oaxaca, Mexico ...
2) " Sweet Lucy " Bourbon Based Liqueur from BENJAMIN PRICHARD'S ( $29.99,
750ml bottle ) is handcrafted in small batches to achieve a really smooth
flavor. It's made in Kelso, Tennessee, 35% alcohol by volume.
3) Cream Vanilla alcohol-infused whipped cream( On Special for $10.99 ) is
made with grain neutral spirits and also really new and exciting.
4) VIEUX PONTARLIER Absinthe Francasie Superieure 65 Distillerie of EMILE
PERNOT ( $69.99 750ml bottle )is 65% alc. by volume and crafted with grape
neutral spirits and distilled with herbs. Also brand new here...

GO TO MEDIUM RARE Restaurant Tonight In The Yanni's Old Location ( 5 PM, it's
the 2nd night they are open ) for their steak frites with all the warm,
home-made bread you could want, with also Portobello mushrooms and pasta,
twelve wines , four beers by tap, four or five desserts, too. I just saw Brian
and all is set for tonight. I also just spoke with Bobby Kacher wine rep Ronnie
Miller and President of operations, Antoine Songy and  I got a list of some of
the wines being served from France :  1) BRUNEL'S Chateauneuf-Du-Pape 2006,  2)
TARIQUET'S Sauvignon Blanc,  3) CARLOU'S dry rose from the Costires Du Nimes
region,4)  CHOPIN'S 2008 Pinot Noir red burgundy, and  5) a sweet French red
2007 , too.

DINO HAS A BURGER & BEER SPECIAL , starting tonight, Tuesday - Thursday, March
29-March 31st, 2011 with the local Alexandria, Virginia brewery PORT CITY
BREWERY. Get an IPA,or Porter in the bar area. The burger is from local
farm-raised cows. Andrew the bartender just dropped this off for me a few
minutes ago. Thanks Andrew for the heads-up on this fine offer.

KOSHER WINE SHEET for getting ready for PASSOVER. Come pick up your copies and
be prepared and proactive. There are 35 wines on the sheet from France, Italy,
Spain, Argentina and Israel and includes dry and sweet and sparkling and white,
rose and red wines, too : something for everyone and in all price levels, too.


Friday April 1st, 2011 We have a dual wine-tasting of mostly GEORGIAN ( 5
different Saperavi indigenous reds - one sweet one, too ) and FRANCE with a
sparkling soft-dry rose from Bugey and also a Quincy dry white Loire Valley
Sauvignon blanc, too : Mamuka and Laurent will be on hand to conduct this
exciting wine-tasting here, JOIN US, NEVER any charge.
Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 : We have Matt of Washburn Imports here to taste
a selection of Spanish reds, one white and also one dry white California
Viognier from PEIRANO ESTATE. Fun, more fun, and still more fun!
WINE-CLASS on European wines also on Saturday from 11:30-1PM with six
wines and at a cost of $10 a person. Get up and get over here and have a blast
with me. I will conduct the tasting and I promise to make it memorable. What a
deal! Call : 202-363-4265 to reserve a place. I still have some spots for you.
SANTOS TELL ME that there is also a Heineken beer tasting this week so
keep your eyes peeled for such an event here.

I AM SURE I AM FORGETTING A WHOLE LOT but it's time to send this email now so
that you can read it , get here and then over to either MEDIUM RARE the new
steak-fries restaurant and to DINO for the Burger and PORT CITY IPA and PORTER
Beer special for only $10 at Andrew's bar! So much excitement and joy and
enthusiasm and purpose and aim and destination and desire/fire to manage and
fulfill, too ... good luck and thanks for all your support - we greatly
appreciate it if we do not tell you enough ...   TONY

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