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A Glorious Monday Afternoon For Tony Of Mostly French Wine Owners , Winemakers - Alexandre, Anne-Marie, Carole Et Fabrice In 2012 With Delicious Food & Wine, Good Cheer - in Winchester, Virginia

This was about the pure joy and pleasure of an event. It was a wonderful departure for me, really it was. It indulged my artistic temperament and I was able to relax fully and just enjoy walking around with Anne-Marie and taste the fine wines and the equally excellent food available. I will not mention specifics as I really want the pictures to speak mostly for themselves. Here below is Alexandre that was pretending to dance for me like Zorba the Greek. I loved it, so did he. 

Fabrice pours the current release of his dry rose above.

Carole above pours her family's small Recoltant-Manipulant French champagne from Chouilly I believe? This may be some of the extraordinary 1969 vintage I believe as well that Anne-Marie and I were privileged enough to sample and take some back to Fabrice.

One type of local oyster grown in three different local areas : the taste of all three were amazingly different and wonderful!

Anne-Marie shares her wine to show how it pairs well with the oysters we were sampling and enjoying. It was the dry Semillon blend of BUTY from Washington State as, our sole mission besides enjoying this opportunity was to find a great non-French dry white for Anne-Marie to enjoy with this bevy of wonderful food this beautiful Monday afternoon in Winchester, Virginia.

Anne-Marie had this gorgeous Turquoise-colored long and billowing scarf that she was wearing and it was a great backdrop for the southern Rhone wines of her family, and also fun and theatrical. 

Quite the treat these Stingray local oysters from either Virginia or Maryland?

Nothing like some good dry French rose, look at the magnificent color?!? And Fabrice's smile is warming as well ...

Look at Anne-Marie'e smile as she listens to the owner of BUTY explain his family's dry white Washington State Semillon Blanc that we picked as ' the best choice ' for Anne-Marie on this Monday ... 

The cheese platter was incredibly tasty and diverse and I loved capturing Anne-Marie's reflection in the tray as well as the cheeses and many of their names written on name tags to better know for sure which they were.

Anne-Marie was always sharing. It was all so relaxed and fun and with nary a care in the world, for this delightful moment at least, it seemed. Nice to escape for awhile.

The Lirac was superb!

One of Anne-Maries; favorite cheeses.

Amazing how clear Anne-Marie's reflection on the mirror-cheese platter below is. Who's idea was it to use these mirrors as cheese platters? Brilliant I would say!

Like dance, like sound and movement : glorious motion- emotion in both the southern Rhone French red and Anne-Marie's eyes ...

Tattoo's that speak volumes, I just had to get this photo, and I did. I have no idea who the man was?

Withe the husband and wife of the Italian REBULI Veneto Prosecco sparkling wines here we toast, even Fran was here with us at this moment. We ate toasting with the Cartize - the ' best ' : so bright and creamy and dreamy, too.

The glory , the cheer, the smile, the happiness, the warmth of the moment, lucky to have captured it!

The glory of the moment, the pure joy and happiness and relaxed nature, a moment to let it all out, to explode, to be free - to be Zorba the Greek : to fly - Alexandre, you fly my friend!

All about the pure art of the moment, not the work, but the pure enjoyment of this shared moment in time with so many wonderful things coming together here in Winchester, Virginia in a wine warehouse way out in the middle of glorious fields and plains in Virginia one Monday afternoon in early 2012 that I will not soon forget, and we these pictures remember and smile and laugh often. Merci Alexandre, Anne-Marie, Carole et Fabrice!

I'm glad to have come. I had so much fun. Cheers,  TONY

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