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My Anthony Quinn Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits' Store Email Written & Sent Today, Tuesday February 4th, 2014 : Happy Valentine's Day : Be Thoughtful, Be Considerate, Consider Well The Other! Be Generous!!

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NOW FOR THE REALLY HARD TASK ahead of us that, finally, yeah, it's come that we
can now focus our attentions that have been scattered for so long. It's not
one's fault. Like they said, it takes at least two to ' tango '. And ' tango '
you - us - all of us should. There  are so many distractions, unnecessary in
most cases, so much static noise, so many events and occurrences all around the
world vying for our time and our attentions! Too much, STOP now!!

ENOUGH now, you are all that matters and all that matters. We all need to see
that better. We need to step back and try and see the world as it really is and
not just from our limited perspective. We need to grow, and growing together is
always better, Don't you agree?!?

SO : HERE WE ARE, face-to-face, or we soon will be, the week before Valentine's
Day week, the time to be proactive and think of the other, of each other, of
what might mean something to the other? Have you given it any thought?!

DON'T BE DISMISSIVE, Try and think of what you might do to make next week and
Valentine's Day really something for them to remember? Perhaps you can make it a
week event, something you do ' special ' each day leading up to Valentine's Day?
It's important often and a time to focus on what's special about that person in
your life?

FINALLY IT'S HERE as I said in the header for this week's store email. Yes, push
the rest aside and make a game-plan for celebrating the other in your life. Give
it some thought and perhaps even change things up a bit.

SO, HAVING SAID ALL of this here are some practical suggestions that we can make
to help you make things a little more fun and a little more different, a good
surprise can turn heads and be more special and fun because it is totally
unexpected and out of left field!

BEER   from SANTOS :

1) Delirium Nocturnum Family Brewery, a Belgian Ale with a pink elephant on
it - perfect ( $12.99 a 1 Pt. 9.4Fl. Oz bottle, 8.5% alcohol by volume, go to :
www.delirium.be for more info ) . Take you special one to the National Zoo and
visit the newborn babies like the panda, tigers and lions, too? Enjoy this
Delirium Nocturnum after your visit there. Cute pink baby elephant on the label.
How come none of you women have never pointed this out to me how cute he or she
is?!? And popular, too : and warming, too for this colder weather we still seem
to be experiencing firsthand!

2) Cinnful Apple by the ANGRY ORCHARD, Hard Cider ( On Special for $9.99 a
6-pack of 12-ounce bottles , 5% alcohol by volume, Cincinnati, Ohio , ) : Don't
be angry, be happy, enjoy the tart apple flavors that's balanced with a lovely
cinnamon spice note - what a nice duo these two, especially in this cold! Get
some apple tarts from Firehook Bakery and enjoy this Cinnful Apple Hard cider as
you lead up to Valentine's Day! What a fun treat. Make it special. Make it
count. Say something that you mean about the other that you appreciate about
them. They will appreciate hearing it.

3) Gouden CAROLUS Triple Belgian Ale , a great blond ale ( $18.99 a 4-pack
of 11.2 Fl. Oz bottles - 330ml , 9% alcohol by volume , since 1471,  a BELGIAN
FAMILY BREWERS member, go to : www.belgianfamilybrewers.be for more info ) :
Great to be alive, great to have each other, ' great to beer a Belgian! '

4) Hommel Ale Bier from POPERINGS (On Special for $16.99 a 4-pack of 330ml
beer bottles, 7.5% alcohol by volume, brewed by NV Van Eecke, Watou , Belgium )
: will warm you both as you remember to tell the other what you like the most,
appreciate the most about the other, something that they do that just knocks you
off your feet each and every time! Cheers.


LIQUOR/ LIQUEUR From Jagir & Malkit :

1) LIQUORE STREGA of Stabilimento G. A;berti ( $34.99, 40% alcohol by
volume, Presso La Stazione Ferroviaria, from Italy ) : a liqueur specialita
della premiata ditta : golden in color, still popular after all these years, an
ESSENTIAL bar staple. Do you have any?!? Looks like the thickest, purest,
richest liquid SUNSHINE ever! A ' must-try ' - a Bucket-List experience ...

2) Gin from KRAHN, Batch-distilled, looks like it's danish or Dutch or
Swedish and YET it's made here in Mountain View, California ( $32.99, go to :
www.dhkrahn.com for more clear and lucid experience, a reflection of the
transparency of color - or lack of - in the bottle itself - something to reflect
on with a special someone. Sit back, enjoy the view, sip and tell something nice
to the person you are with, yeah - some sensitivity, some caring, all good.

3) Vodka: Dive In "  Austin's Original DEEP EDDY Handcrafted in Austin,
Texas ( On Special for $16.99 a bottle, distilled 10 times - that must be a
record ?!? , 40% alcohol by volume, ( : distilled in small batches. What a great

4) Dominica Rum from KIRK and SWEENEY, Santiago De Los Caballeros, D.R. (
$42.99 a 750ml bottle, looks special, like a magic lamp to rub, make a wish, see
and taste it come true) ... A very special treat to lead up to Valentine's Day,
sit with your someone special later at night and sip and dream and tell each
other how they special they are, what truly remarkable they are.

5) Twelve Years Single Malt Scotch from GLENGOYNE ( $44.99, since 1833, a
Highland Single Malt Scotch whisky ) : ,,, the Glen of the wild geese, ... " the
most perfect and romantic location for the making of scotch whisky. The pure
water that filters off the the hill of Dumgoyne tumbles down the softly wooded
glen to a small waterfall above Glengoyne, ... " Wow, I'm there, if only with
this 12-year old Highlands single malt ...

WINES From Michel and Tony :

Sparkling Wine & French Champagne :


1) Brut Rose Methode Cap Classique from GRAHAM BECK, South Africa ( $16.99,
Chardonnay-Pinot Noir blend of brut sparkling wine, since 1983, 12% alcohol by
volume ) : I enjoyed this this past weekend with my wife and daughter and we all
really loved the fullness, smoothness, bright rose color, too ... a real treat!

2) Sekt Brut Dry Austrian rose from LANGMANN/ Schilcher ( On Special for
$23.99, ) : softer, rounder, fuller, nicer to sip and feel relaxed and more
romantic, too! Cheers. Try some on for size!

3) Dry Rose Champagne from CHARLES De CAZANOVE, $22.99 for a half-bottle, a
Tradition Pere Et Fils Et Fille from Reims, Champagne where the cathedral is
with the FABulous Marc Chagall stained-glass windows are that are so beautiful
and inspiring, Chagall has some amazingly romantic images in his paintings that
speak of love ...

4) French Champagne AYALA ' Rose Majeur ' Brut Non-Vintage ( On Special for
$54.99 a 750ml bottle , 12% alcohol by volume ) : Such a deep pure rose color
that's speaks volumes all by itself and that's even before you put some to your
lips and into your mouth, hold and savor for a couple of seconds before
swallowing slowly to have the feeling of bliss and contentment and love linger,
trickle, sparkle and spark desire and a passion that ignites and fires us all,
and is so important to our very beings, our very being, our very definitions ...
cheers, sante, prost, tim tim , salute, ... to you our loves ...

TUESDAY ( Sparkling wine ) & WEDNESDAY SALES ON Non-Sparkling WINES are still in
effect. Come take advantage of them, or call and either Michel or Tony ( me )
will take care of you. Call : 202-363-4265. We deliver , too. Treat you and your
loved ones and SAVE, TOO - Big SAVINGS on both Tuesday and Wednesday.


Friday, Feb. 7th, 2014 ( 5-8PM ) : WE have Sotiris Bafitis here to taste
More great Greek wines and Italian wines, too! Join us, no charge,

Saturday, Feb. 8th, 2014 ( 2-6PM ) : We have a surprise in anticipation for
Valentines; Day : two tastings : 1) Chuck with Lanterna to taste West Coast
surprises.  2) Owner Enzo Barbi of his own winery to taste some FABulous dry
reds and whites from Umbria, Italy like the FABulous dry white Orvieto! Join us,
never any charge.

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS, but thanks, and be kind and generous and
thoughtful and considerate to those around you as we get closer to Valentine's

BELOW I FOLLOW with a 2-Year-Old Store email of February 21st, 1012 ... enjoy
these excerpts!  TONY


THIS IS FUN TODAY as I have heard talk of Mick Jagger possibly coming to our
famous guitar store across the street from us today, Tuesday February 21st, 2012
before heading to the White House to perform and celebrate the blues? Wow,
that's pretty amazing. I was over at Firehook getting my coffee and there was
discussion and many ears craned in our direction. It's possible in my humble

HOW DO I COME UP with such an assertion? Well, before when he was performing
with the Stones he came to Yanyu at the corner where Dino is now. I knew then
the manager Yeni and she told me that after one of the concerts Mick and his
manager showed up and they went immediately upstairs and had the whole floor for
themselves. Yeni who was then learning to play the guitar had it there and Mick
signed it for her. I think she might have gone out and bought another guitar to
play at that point! Anyway, Spices owned Yanyu and they still make some of the
very same famous dishes that were available at Yan Yu. My guess is that Mick
will lunch there later today after visiting our beloved guitar store here just
steps away from us? I am hoping to draw him down here to our store to taste a
wine or two with him. Thus this email will be short, quick and sweet as I want
to dedicate this email to Mick and all his and the Stones' accomplishments.

I MEAN, WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT to have Mick sing a line or two from the Stone's
famous ballad :  something like, ...   I can't get no satisfaction, till I get
some yeaaaahhhh some Saperavi, some good dry red, yeah, like the Beatle's , too
in Georgia, with Ray croonin' long with us .... crossin' over the Atlantic ...
singing the blues ... that's now what we call some real satisfaction, Saperavi,
the blues and crossin both our divides .... that sure was a great anthem! Of
course I am paraphrasing, and I do tend to combine my wine metaphors with my
lyrics from time-to-time. But do come by or call and check in with us throughout
the day just in case!

BY THE WAY, VIRGINIE'S Georgian wine-tasting this past Saturday was a big
success. She sampled four reds and one dry rose and the featured grape was
indeed the Saperavi grape that even our good Aussie friend Hugh Hamilton is
making his own Mclaren Vale dry red Saperavi and we will have soon to sell you
all I hope. Stay-tuned for that as well.

WE STILL HAVE ALL OF VIRGINIE'S WINES and I will mention in specific one, an
off-dry peppery-tasting red made from two of the ten indigenous royal grape
varieties : Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli. We sell it for $17.99 a bottle and the
response on Friday with Virginie was either people loved it or the hated it. I
tasted it later that evening and my customer loved it. She could not stop
talking about it. The conversation was about the spice and how it permeated the
wine in a lovely way from start-to-finish and was never heavy or cloying. I
agree : it's pretty amazing and the question now is what foods would it be best
served with? You can all weigh-in on this monumental task before us? I think I
will call Mamouka and ask him as he should know best. When Mick comes by later I
hope to taste him on this grape as well as the famous royal Saperavi grape that
he sings about so eloquently, with such conviction, with such primal action and

THE SAPERAVI GRAPE MARRIES SO WELL when blended with 40% Cabernet Sauvignon in
the CHATEAU MUKHRANI 2007 dry red blend ( $17.99 ) from Kartli, Georgia. It's a
food wine, not to be sipped all by itself as it has savage power and rustic
earthiness and true grit/guts .... We still have some here for you all. More on
this and Mick as the day unfolds. Running out of time, have to type faster and
get this email to press.

Check for current prices and availability!

LIQUOR From Ravinder Sharma :

1) NUOVO L'Esprit De Paris Sparkling Liqueur ( On Special for $19.99/
regularly $27.99, 15% alcohol by volume, www.sparklingnouveau.com , product of
France ) is really new and exciting and pink and translucent and
cleverly-packaged. GREAT DEAL now ...
2) " Grapevine Vodka With White Grape, Dragon Fruit & Papaya Flavor from
ABSOLUT ( On Special for $19.99, from Sweden,  80 Proof, absolut.com, : " Just
Add Lemon-Lime soda " and enjoy! Great art-deco packaging, too : shades of
transparent Tiffany, too.
3) 17-Year -Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky from OLD PULTENEY ( $84 a bottle,
www.oldpulteney.com ) : the genuine maritime malt, like none other. It must be
tasted as it adds to the equation something truly original.

Check for current availability and current prices, too ...

WINES By Ean & Tony With Mick In Mind :

1) Pinot Noir Vintner's 2010 Collection Central Coast from STERLING (
$21.99, www.sterlingvineyards.com ) is a wine we'd like to taste with you all.
We will probably open it this weekend or even maybe if Mick shows up later? It
might be perfect for sipping with this damp, gray and colder winter Washington
D.C. weather? Like his London weather : he should feel right at home here today.
Cheers Mick : this one's for you!

LATEST NEWS: We just had owners Fabrice and Anne-Marie Delorme of the really
grand DOMAINE De La MORDOREE here at the store tasting their fabulous two reds ,
both from the 2008 vintage : the Lirac and the Chateauneuf-Du-Pape and I fell in
love, under their spell, both of the two of them and of their two wines as well.
They are the true representation of wine at it's very best, very truest, very
simplest : everything is fully respected and there's a purity and a joy and a
richness and a concentration of bright fruit flavors that simply wows and
cajoles, entertains, really rocks and cradles one like a fine lullaby and a
whispered song. They were a real treat. Merci Fabrice et Anne-Marie.

I KNOW I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS but I am posting this and then running down
to Spices Restaurant to look for Mick Jagger so that I can invite him to come by
and sample some of these wines and the apple ciders, the maritime single malt?
Who knows?!? The world is fun and large and special and the prospects that Mick
might have dined at Spices is exciting! More about that really soon. Cheers and
thanks for following along with me, humoring me as I imagine the possibilities
of having Mick Jagger in our Cleveland Park neighborhood today. I do have an
active imagination and I do imagine things and work for them to have them come
true, too. Cheers and thanks for all your support.  TONY

Happy Tuesday NOW everyone, 2/4/14   TONY

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