Monday, February 24, 2014

More New Wines Like SAWTOOTH Idaho Chardonnay & ARIZONA STRONGHOLD Arizona White Blend , CASA LARGA New York State Sparkling Wine, McPHERSON's Texas Wines, Too & More With Andrew Stover Of VINO 50 Wines Pours @ Siema Imports In The Summer Of 2012 @ Siema's Portfolio Annual Tasting

     This was a tasting that I really enjoyed going to in the summer of 2012. I knew Andrew Stover would be there at the Siema portfolio tasting ( in northern Virginia at their warehouse - you can see cases of many of the fine wines that they sell at Siema )  of mostly wine with some beer and some food, too : all excellent. I wanted Andrew to meet Laurent and we accomplished that and had a great time tasting through Andrew's portfolio of wines from around the United States, from mostly regions and with grapes largely unheard of or unknown yet. Andrew is changing that one sip at a time. I am helping him do this, too at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits at 3423 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C. 20008, Tel : 202-363-4265 So are many others helping Andrew with most admirable quest of his that he is working very hard to accomplish.

In the picture above Andrew pours a glass for Laurent I believe as I take the picture and look on. I am an artist and a poet and so I try and take some interesting photos that I like to say : " tell a more complete story and add to the equation. " I say the same about my approach to selling wine which I think is much the same as Andrew's. That's why I like selling, promoting and spreading the word about him and his wines.

     The word needs to get out more about the excellent work and service that Andrew Stover is doing and providing. We need more people doing this. It's hard work but these wines all deserve our attention.

    The wines here come from places like Texas and Arizona, New York State, Missouri, Virginia, Michigan and more.

     As I said I am an artist and like to provide some artsy photos along with the rest.

     I like capturing the flow of the wine from the bottles to the wine glasses, and being able to see their colors, clarity, and the labels, too to know which wines are being poured. Here Andrew pours some of the new vintage of SAWTOOTH Chardonnay from Idaho on the Snake River I believe? We have sold a lot of SAWTOOTH wines, but mostly the reds like the Syrah.

     There's always excitement and animation with Andrew! I like that.

       Enlarge this picture above to better see what wines Andrew was tasting. There is always something with him that is " new and exciting " as he is always searching for wines to add to his portfolio.


     Andrew as seen through the wine glass with the wines he sells, lives and breathes and loves and believes in.

     Andrew as seen in the scenes that he and his wines cause frequently!

     Nothing like a contented taster on the scene and being seen here by me and now being shared here. It was a good tasting, I learned about some ' new ' sparkling wines this time, and the wines of Texas, too. Thanks Andrew.

     Andrew, we need to talk about this CASA BIANCA sparkling New York State Finger Lakes' wine? I have forgotten all about it till I saw these photos again. Tell me more?

     Thanks again Andrew. Talk to you soon. Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 2/24/ 2014

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