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Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Store Email Written & Sent Week Of Valentine's Day In February 2012 : A Blast From The Past! Happy Velentine's Day All, Enjoy The Sochi Olympics 2014!

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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY To you all today. Wow, what a treat for me to be able to
write an email on the day itself. OH THE PRESSURE! That's okay, I have been
thinking a whole lot about it even around the very sad passing of Whitney
Houston over the weekend. That is truly a great loss and one that many of us
are grappling with now. Of course her famous song written by Dolly Parton : " I
Will Always Love You " is a perfect Valentine's Day song and last night I admit
after making a pre-Valentine's Day dinner I did listen to it twice and my
spirits rose each and every time that her voice rose. Both a broad smile and a
tear welling up in the corner of my eye each time. This morning I was comforted
and joyed and overwhelmed once again as I listened to her to her sing our
national anthem, especially the last few words that rallied my spirits to such
an excitement and joy.

IT'S OUR Monthly 2-Part  Still ( Non- ) Wine-Sale Tomorrow and Thursday ( 2/
15-16 / 2012 ) here at Cleveland Park Wines :
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SO : I have just walked the aisles here in the store in search of some PERFECT
LAST-MINUTE Valentine's Day gifts and ideas to enjoy with that someone special
in your lives. There are so many great ideas and I have gathered just a few now
to share with you all.

MOSCATO D'ASTI from Cascinetta VIETTI, this Castiglione Tenella 2011 from
Italy's Piemonte region ( $18.99 ) is one of the great examples of the perfect
marriage and harmony and pleasures to be found in combining in one's mouth the
flavors of peaches and nectarines, pears, and apricots ( YES : some of all of
those flavors ) with accents of various nuts, and splashes -dashes of honey,
too. It's an amazing experience when it gets to this level. There's also an
amazing brightness and airiness that I love here - not heavy and cloying,
refreshing. The flavors sort of pause and gain speed and emphasis and
definition and clarity like Whitney's voice does as she sings " I Will Always
Love You ". Drink some of this VIETTI 2011 Moscato and listen to Whitney sing
at the same time and see if you do not taste and experience some of this
harmony and correlation between the two? It's pretty amazing, really. It's
worth every cent of this $18.99 and more.

WHEN MOZART WAS ALIVE he loved the Bricco Mondalino Dolce Stil Novo off-dry red
made from the Malvasia Di Casorzo D'Asti grape of the Piemonte region of Italy
as well. This is made by GAUDIO ( $28.99 ) and it's made from 100% Malvasia
Rossa. It possesses a light, cherry color, it's fizzy, delicately sweet. I like
it's elegance and finesse, makes me think of fresh rose petals, even of
raspberries and blackberries. It depends on what part of the taste you are at
at any given time : the start, the middle or the long and wonderfully lingering
finish? I even get accents of red currants. The flavors, too are refreshing and
airy and gravity-defying and they cleanse and refresh me rather than weigh me
down. Chill slightly and tonight on Valentine's Day serve some strawberries or
other berries; perhaps a simple fruit salad and desserts, of course : the
simpler the better. Let the flavors speak for themselves and not fight amongst

BANYULS 2000 Vigne D'En TRAGINER ( $34.99 , 375ml bottle ) from EY is another "
classic " Valentine's Day great off-dry red to enjoy with that someone special.
There is no better, that's why it is still the great treat for this time of
year. It's French and from the southwest of France and we want everyone to
taste some of it. Every time that an article comes out on wines and beverages
for Valentine's Day this is mentioned at the top of the list. You don't need a
whole lot : just a little bit coats the palate and intrigues, teases and YES :
PLEASES. You can close your eyes and tilt your head back and get that dreamy
smile, you know that expression : like true love : goofy even and yet so
marvelous and so wonderful and so all-consuming. It's a revelation, it's a
special treat. You will taste all kinds of wonderful nutty flavors. Imagine all
the nuts that you love in the world - all coming together to please. Imagine a
bit of chocolate as an accent? It's there , faint but unmistakable.

BUT HEY, SOMETIMES we all need something that's even more subtle and delicate
and polished and refined. So here's a lovely ethereal, silky, really refined
taste that just skips daintily over your taste buds and like the swish of a
skirt or the turn of a shoulder and the break of a smile can reduce us to that
state that we all say : " they're in love ". WE all want to be in love. So
here's a step in the right direction :
1 NEBBIOLO ICE 2010 from Virginia's BREAU Vineyards in Purcerville. It's
got a deep amber color that is warming and welcoming all in itself. Made from
grapes that are frozen after the harvest ( $24.99, 375ml bottle ) these
Nebbiolo grapes were plucked from their frosty vines on the morning of the
final day of harvest. High in natural sugar frozen and pressed quickly : the
taste is a wonderful blend of nuts and peaches and pears and has really
delicate splashes of honey, too. It's hard to pin-point : every time that you
do the flavors change in your mouth and erase almost completely what preceded
these " new " flavors. It's fun, it's a challenge to describe except to nod
your heads and smile sheepishly and know that you are all enjoying the flavors
perfectly. It's another treat and this one's from our own back yards. For more
info go to : www.BreauxVineyards.com. The residual sugar is 12%.

THEN THERE IS ALSO GREAT golden liquid flavors that come from apples! The FOGGY
RIDGE " Pippin Gold " , $28.99 , : it's a delicious, deep and thick, viscous
melting and simmering and brewing and story-telling of the Newtown Pippin apple
with Grimes Golden, Ginger Gold and Golden Delicious apples. Wow, a little bit
goes a very, VERY LONG way in flavors, harmonies, rhapsodies and it will be a
great one for this romantic evening! For more info go to:
www.foggyridgecider.com, 18% alcohol by volume.

WE JUST HAD OWNER ANDREA of her family's CASA LARGA " Created for everyday
enjoyment " - LILAC HILL Finger Lakes Table Wine ( a blend of Riesling and
other grapes ) that is medium-sweet and only $10.99 a bottle. This is perfect
to sip and enjoy later tonight as it is lighter and refreshing and not cloying
at all. For more info go to : www.CasaLarga.com or call : 585-223-4210. Only
11% alcohol here so really easy on the system.

THEN YOU CAN SKIP ACROSS THE U.S. and discover the fabulous OKANOGAN Estate &
Vineyards 2006 Ice Wine made from the Chardonnay grapes in the Orchard Hills
Vineyard of Washington State. This half-bottle ( 375ml bottle sells for $37.99,
go to : www.okanoganwines. We just got some recently when Andrew Stover tasted
Ean and me on it. We loved it, especially Ean. He's a big fan of these " sticky
wines " and so our collection is definitely expanding as a result.

BUT THEN AGAIN, SOMETIMES a dry wine is in order as well and so for fun, quick
last-minutes we have BOTH the MONTEFORTE D'ALPONE dry red and dry white blends
from Veneto, Italy here for only $7.99 a bottle! Great flavors and taste and
labels and blends. The red is a blend of RABOSO and MERLOT ( quite bold and
flavorful and the Raboso flavors give nice spice and individula herb and pepper
flavors while the Merlot acts like the flesh of the wine ) : and the dry white
is a blend of GARGANEGA and SAUVIGNON BLANC grapes( it's dry and got some good
body, bright, with some good acidity, too ).


Saperavi and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes blended together at CHATEAU
MUKHRANI, this 2007 ( $17.99 ) is hearty and robust and very flavorful and best
with a meal. It's from Georgia and it will be tasted here this coming weekend I
believe, Friday the 17th, 2012 with our new French rep Virginie.

60-Year-Old Non-Irrigated vines in Apalta, this 2008 CLOS APALTA
Limited-Release CASA LAPOSTOLLE dry red blend ( On Special at $58.99, regularly
$79.99 ) is a real treat. WE also have some of the 2006 available at the same
price. The 2006 was drinking like a dream the other day when Paulette tasted it
with our customers. I would have bought a bottle myself at the time it was so
good : that's how much I really enjoyed it. It surprised me a whole lot and
that's always a great thing. I like being surprised especially when it's in a
positive way like this!

BUY ANY OF THE WINES LISTED ABOVE TODAY / tonight and get another 10% OFF the
sticker prices! SAVE and ENJOY some more!!!!!!

BUT WAIT A MINUTE :  Valentine's Day is not simply about wine, it's also about
beer and liquor, too!


1) Imperial Choklat Stout  ( $8.99 a 1 Pt. 6 Fl. Oz. bottle,
southerntierbrewing.com ) from the Blackwater Series : " The Popol Vuh, the
sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage
known as xocoatl ( ch-co-atle ). " This would be great tonight on Valentine's
2) Lips Of Faith Series ( with a name like that? and for Valentine's
Day?!? ) Biere de Mars, Ale Brewed With Spices ( On Special for $6.99 a bottle,
1 Pt. 6 Fl Oz. , alcohol 6.2% by volume , Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium
Brewing , www.newbelgium.com )  " is a celestial collision of orange-hued ale,
citrusy lemon Verbena, and unidentified flying brettanomyces, launch to new
belgium.com ". Great label, a great " must-try " tonight.
3) Baba Black Lager Usda Organic from United Brewing Co. in Salt lake City
( On Special for $9.99 a 6-pack of 12-ounce bottles , www.unitedbrewing.com )
is " new and exciting " and with a cool label.
4) XXX Weisse ( another great name for Valentine's Day! ) from RIEDER
Feinste Innviertler Braukunst ) is a malt liquor, 6.5% alcohol by volume ...
and also very new and very exciting. Check it out! It's a " supercharged
Hefe-Weizen which is equal to a Weizen Bock beer. Very drinkable, yet rich and
mouth filling. ... a true specialty from the Rieder Brewery ".


1) Elit STOLICHNAYA Ultra Luxury Vodka ( $58.99, 750ml bottle , 40%
alcohol by volume, ) is also kosher for Passover. What a treat. Great bottle
and package andpresentation.
2) Gin, Gold River " Traditional " ( $26.99, 47% alcohol by volume, Batch
# 10 ) is distilled and bottled by Maine Distilleries, LLC. Freeport, Maine,
USA is made from 100% neutral spirits, distilled from Maine potatoes.
3) LINIE AQUAVIT Fabrik Maerke ( $27.99 ) from Norway ) is " taste that
really travels ". From Oslo, for more information go to : www.linie.com. We are
thrilled to have it here : there's a real demand for these aquavits and there
has never been enough of them here in Washington D.C. to satisfy the demand.
4) Irish Whiskey Special Reserve from MILLARS ( Adam Millar & Company , On
Special for $29.99, 40% alcohol by volume , for more info go to :
www.AHardyUSA.com ), was established in 1843 , and is from Rivertown, Dundalk.
Co. Louth. It's just arrived here this past week. I still have not tried it.


TONIGHT : Valentine's Day : I will have at least one red open to celebrate
if you all come by and need some last-minute treats. I may do more, it depends
on how many of you all show up to start celebrating here before going on to a
dinner ...

Friday, February 17th, 2012 ( 5-8PM ) : We have Virginie coming to pour a
selection of excellent Georgian wines that include at least one rose and one
white and two or three reds, too. Discover the Saperavi grape with Virginie.
Saturday, February 18th, 2012 ( 2-6PM ) :  Chris Bartha of Cobblestone
Cellars will be back to taste some of the really fine COOPER Vineyard wines of
Virginia that include the great chocolate-infused " Noche ", $18.99  Norton
grape - PERFECT FOR TONIGHT!!! ,  as well as a killer Viognier and two great
reds : a Petit Verdot and a Reserve Norton. Chris will also pour some of the
HANS WIRCHING dry German rose trocken from Franken. It's a Rudi Wiest selection
and sells for $14.99.

I AM SURE I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING but it's time to post this so you can/ may
all read it and get here in time for all your Valentine's Day needs! We can
help, we want to help you!  Check out web page : www.clevelandparkwine.com, we
are also on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and follow my blog at
: chatwine.blogspot.com, chatpoetry.blogspot.com.

THANKS AGAIN for everything ... Happy Valentine's Day Today : come by tonight
for last-minute things and then again tomorrow for our TWO-DAY Still-Wine
TWO-PART SALE. REad about it above and SAVE 20% On Your Still Wine Purchases
Wednesday and Thursday ( 15th-16th, 2012 ) here at Cleveland Park Wines &
Spirits! Cheers,  TONY

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