Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrating today, Sunday Afternoon @ The ' New ' LA PIQUETTE French Restaurant And The TWO AMYS Italian Restaurant In Cleveland Park Northwest 2008 Neighborhood In Washington D.C., February 9th, 2014 : And Enjoying The Ambiance and Experience of Both Thoroughly! Merci Et Grazie!

Just celebrated with my wife at the ' new ' French restaurant in Cleveland Park Northwest, Washington D.C., LA PIQUETTE ( 3714 Macomb Street NW, 202-686-2015 across from the TWO AMYS ) , and at the TWO AMYS. I read Tom Sietsema's review in the Washington Post weekend magazine, Sunday, January 26th, 2014 and saw that my good friend - chef , Francis Layrle was cooking there and I said that we just had to go and check it out! Well, Francis was home sick with the flu today and so we did not have the great pleasure od seeing him or enjoying his food but we were well taken care of by both Ted and our French waiter Robert. We shared a crudities platter, had kir royale sparkling cocktails , my wife had the plump and juicy mussels cooked in a white wine sauce, I had the stek frites and it was all really wonderful and made us relaxed, made us smile and brought back many memories of being in France. It was not stuffy or pretentious, rather it was inviting and the food and the service were all quite fine. We enjoyed a glass of red French country table red that was a blend of the Rhone grape varietals that was very pleasing to sip all by itself at $6 a glass. ...
to sip all by itself at $6 a glass. They also have a red Cotes Du Bourg red by the glass, a 2011 for $15 a glass that might have, in fact worked better with my steak but at that price where I can almost buy three glasses of the other for the same amount I was not convinced. Ted could have offered me a sip I suppose? Oh well, it was lovely and I saw our youthful, modern-day flesh-and-blood-flying-fiery-haired customer sitting with two ladies by the door, up on the floor above to the left I saw John and his wife and two friends ( I helped John when two of his daughters got married with their wine and other liquid libation ' needs ' ", and I also later saw Andrew and his wife sit down. Spoke to them as we left and enjoyed a quick but brief conversation with them : all joy and broad smiles . Then we walked across the street to see if Marci Weinstein was working at the TWO AMYS and she was this Sunday : our luck! We said hello to her and our server Dianne and ordered a decaf  and a regular cappucchino , Marcie treated us to a slice of cake and dried tasty cherries and vanilla ice-cream ( grazie Marcie! ), and , at the end, ' to go " I ordered a small Two Amys' cheese pizza for later tonight. Nice. I was reeled in to this idea as we walked in and to our right on the long counter there I spied four or five pizzas being readied to be served - yummy! What a great treat that LA PIQUETTE and TWO AMYS were for us today : both fun, tasty, lively, animated, unpretentious, and great for Cleveland Park! Cheers, merci et grazie ... Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn   Sunday, February 9th, 2014 . I loved seeing the cured hams hanging along the wall on my left running the length of the bar, and as I rose I loved seeing all the wines like the red  GROTTA DEL SOLE Gragnano Naples sparkling red we sell and
buy from Brennan Downey ...

as well as the Frappatto dry indigenous grape variety Sicilian red we buy from Regis Scheithauer. Cheers and BRAVO all!  TONY

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