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Carnaval's-A-Comin'! Coming Soon! Are You Ready?!? I Am, R U?!? JOIN US, Join Me, Let's Work Together!

     When was the last time you were cachaca'ed?!? When was the last time U were espumante'ed?!? When was the last time you were Tannat'ed or Marselan'ed or Bordo'ed or Feijoada'ed, Rio'ed, Gavia'ed ,Brazileira'ed , Belo Horisante'ed, Crystalina'ed. Bento Goncalve'ed, Vale Dos Vinhedo'ed, Nova Padua'ed, Porto Alegre'ed, Dom Candido'ed, Zattera'ed, Boscato'ed, X Decima'ed,  Brasil'ed, Amazon'ed ,Caxias'ed Carnaval'ed !?!

     SO many wine - vineyard, wine-region, cachaca references , and mostly of those still largely unknown. I could have asked about the better-known as well like : how's it to be Salton'ed, to B Casa Valduga'ed, to B Miolo'ed. to B LIDIO Carrara'ed and more ?!?

     I WANT to give a BIG ' Shout Out ' to the people I met in Brasil in June 2012 : Milton, Rodrigo, Danielle, Franceen, Barbara, Anna-Paula, Fernanda, Roberto, Bruno, Elisa, Ruis, Anna, Jaqueline, Michele, Gustavo, Manu... and so many more.

     I WANT  2 To say OBREGADO to those here in the United States that are Brazilian and that have inspired me and been of help like Gustavo and Roberta, you know who you are, Thank you very much!

     I WANT to give a BIG ' Shout Out " to Sonia Denical that has communicated with me the most as I have tried to promote the wines of Brasil here in the United States. She has helped me to keep on track with my quest here with her kind words of encouragement from time-to-time, Obregado Sonia, e obregado a tudos that have listened to me and given me any feed-back since late June, 2012 when I went to Brasil's wine country and spent ten glorious days there tasting and falling really in love with everything and everyone that touched my life then. It stays still today with me!

      Well THE time id AGORA, no time to waste! Today's the Sochi Winter Olympics last day with closing ceremonies tonight. Sad but True and so all heads, should blast, you should stream- scream, bodies, torsos , feet run, arms stretch OUT for Brasil, for the Summer Olympics, for the Soccer World Cup! WOW, wow, woo! It's all , almost too much! But we have to get ready, we have to turn our attentions , our strengths our powers. FORGET the rest, think of only Brasil and all that will transpire?!? R any of you AGORA ready?! U should B, you should beam, you should burst, U should stream=scream the LOUD streamer's colors thrown at Carnaval, thrown all around!

     It's now or never, it's now or next, it's AGORA FOREVER - Brasil has come to it's moment, it's time to be seen , to be heard, to be celebrated, to be acknowledged, appreciated, enjoyed, discovered! Even the Brazilians need to learn how much Brasil really does have to offer. And it seems the government needs to work to band together, to cut through so much red tape, to help all Brazilians, to be there for all, to be ' for the Brazilian people ', to be helpful to all! I am so excited, I am so pleased that this is all happening but I am afraid that progress is slow and that things take time.

     Well, let's take off our blinders, let's work as a team, let's promote Brasil and all that it is and has to offer to the world - AGORA!  Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  2/23/2014

     Please tell me how I may help?    TONY

I JUST SAW this on the BRALVIN Facebook page and have copied and pasted it here to share with you all! Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  Happy Carnival everyone this Friday, February 24th, 2014 ... TONY

Grapes for sparkling wine sparkling wines from Casa Valduga are made from three grape varieties (solo or mixed): Pinot Noir ink and white Chardonnay and Moscato. Generally lend character to the mix inks more austere, more body, aromas of red fruits, while Chardonnay gives more creaminess and elegance.
Uvas para Espumante

Os espumantes da Casa Valduga são feitos a partir de três castas (solo ou misturadas): A tinta Pinot Noir e as brancas Chardonnay e Moscato...See More
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  • Anthony Quinn Oops, that's SALTON! TONY
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  • Katie Cavanagh No worries Anthony, we knew what you meant:)
  • Anthony Quinn Thanks Katie, appreciate this very much as it's a lobor-of-love for me. Cheers, TONY
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  • Katie Cavanagh Tell me about it Anthony! This wine thing isn
  • Anthony Quinn Katie, tell Mike I would like to post the ' other ' pictures I took / he took on his phone, there must be some FABulous pics waiting to be posted to show how great this event was with him and Fatima ( that poured the LEBLON Cachaca, acai and aged-Cachaca Brazilian rum - and gave out green beads, masks and buttons, too - she's a dancer as well ) and Rolf from Washburn that poured the Texas Yellow Rose Rye and Whiskey, too : so much happening. The pics show some of this palpable excitement that filled the air, charged our inner souls and beings with an energy and a fluidity and a warmth that was absolutely contagious in ' THE best way! ". The SALTON wines showed really well, the Pinot Noir, $17.99 was ' on fire ' and brought it's own magic and fireworks to the palates of those that tasted it like Bonnie that mentioned she liked it but bought the Intenso espumante instead. Lots of people also liked the ' Flowers ' and Marge and Dean, Mike and I had lots of fun talking about the Flowers drier-tasting white blend of Moscato that was flowery in the middle taste and yet quite dry when you swallowed, and ONLY $10.99 a bottle : what a deal! Cheers, tim tim to you both, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 3/2/14

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