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Now let me see, what foto do I like best, this one or the first one that I just posted?!? That's easy ... both because they both have grapes and vines and the future of some really fine wine in Brasil, at Don Guerino and other fine wineries, too! Bravo!  Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn  2/24 /14

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Bruno and your brother : we vain! Shout it Out! LOVE your own wines! They are really special, let the world know! Shout it out! You are making really well-made, special, balanced, flavorful, world-class wines at DON GUERINO that deserve to be shouted about, that deserve to be on the shelves in stores and offered to drink and enjoy with meals in restaurants, picnics, bars, sports bars, hotels like Victoria Dall'Onder : Be Vain, YOU both and your family have every right to be! What is Southern Imports doing these days to promote your wines here in the United States?!? Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 2/24/14

There are so many great wines of Brasil! So many of us get caught-up with the idea that they are all new - newcomers and thus cannot possibly be as great? That's okay. We are fighting a big battle with the big companies that are making it hard for the small wineries to really get a start, and so here are some that I have discovered, they all deserve our attention. I am posting pictures now and then more text to follow.

Happy Carnaval everyone - just four more days!  TONY

How are you Madame do Vinho, I miss not talking with you more. Have you read my recent blogs at : on the wines of Brasil? Let me know what you think? Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn Please read and share them, that would be great. TONY Happy Carnaval 2014 to you all, what wines of Brasil will you enjoy, any red Bordo you like for this? Seems like that's a good choice? What do you think about some chilled red Bordo? TONY
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  • Anthony Quinn
  • Sonia Denicol I'm fine TONY, and you? I miss talking to you either, but I always take a look in what you are doing through your page!
    I see that you are doing a great job there with brazilian wines. I saw what you wrote about Don Guerino brothers, they really are do
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    • Anthony Quinn Sonia, so good to hear from you! It cheers me so, really it cheers me immensely! We will taste some of the SALTON Pinot Noir here, the ' Volpi ' from Campania, the 2012 Estate-Bottled, $17.99, 13.5% alcohol by volume, with our local rep Mike Cavanagh this Friday, and so I will enjoy that Sonia. I also like all your suggestions for what to drink. Which producers will you taste? Let me know any names? I love to know the names of the wineries?!? Thanks. obregado my friend, TONY 2/25/2014

Sonia Denicol Let me know your opinion about this wine after you taste it.
My suggestions are always for wines of small wineries. Era dos Ventos, for example. They have new wines now, Merot 2008 and 2009, Marselan 2008, that I love, Tempranillo 2008 and Teroldego 2007, another one that I love and as we say here, a "vinhaço", a big wine!!!
In the same style there is another boutique winery called Tormentas (Storms in a free translation). Marco Danielle is the producer that makes one of the best brazilian Pinot Noir, Bourgogne style. He has now a very good Barbera and Teroldego too.
There is another winery I discovered last year, Bodega Czarnobay, from Encruzilhada do Sul, at Serra do Sudesta. They made 2 wines, Alto das Figueiras Merlot, delicious, and Pedregais, a sparkling wine made with Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. They started to work in biodynamic system two years ago.
In Santa Catarina I can name two special wineries: Domínio Vicari, very, very small. Lizete Vicari is the winemaker and she produces just 1000 bottles of a Merlot and a Riesling Itálico, an orange wine.
The other one is Santa Augusta, the first one to produce a byodinamic wine, Imortali, fantastic!
They also produces sparkling wine and a delicious white wine form Moscato Giallo.
I believe you know Cave Geisse, one of the best brazilian sparkling wine. Another one I love is Adolfo Lona, you must taste it!
There is some many others... but we'll have time to talk about them!

Grapes for sparkling wine sparkling wines from Casa Valduga are made from three grape varieties (solo or mixed): Pinot Noir ink and white Chardonnay and Moscato. Generally lend character to the mix inks more austere, more body, aromas of red fruits, while Chardonnay gives more creaminess and elegance.

Uvas para Espumante

Os espumantes da Casa Valduga são feitos a partir de três castas (solo ou misturadas): A tinta Pinot Noir e as brancas Chardonnay e Moscato...See More
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Demesne Vicari Italic Riesling - the Lizete Vicari
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  • Anthony Quinn Oops, that's SALTON! TONY
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  • Katie Cavanagh No worries Anthony, we knew what you meant:)
  • Anthony Quinn Thanks Katie, appreciate this very much as it's a lobor-of-love for me. Cheers, TONY
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  • Katie Cavanagh Tell me about it Anthony! This wine thing isn
  • Anthony Quinn Katie, tell Mike I would like to post the ' other ' pictures I took / he took on his phone, there must be some FABulous pics waiting to be posted to show how great this event was with him and Fatima ( that poured the LEBLON Cachaca, acai and aged-Cachaca Brazilian rum - and gave out green beads, masks and buttons, too - she's a dancer as well ) and Rolf from Washburn that poured the Texas Yellow Rose Rye and Whiskey, too : so much happening. The pics show some of this palpable excitement that filled the air, charged our inner souls and beings with an energy and a fluidity and a warmth that was absolutely contagious in ' THE best way! ". The SALTON wines showed really well, the Pinot Noir, $17.99 was ' on fire ' and brought it's own magic and fireworks to the palates of those that tasted it like Bonnie that mentioned she liked it but bought the Intenso espumante instead. Lots of people also liked the ' Flowers ' and Marge and Dean, Mike and I had lots of fun talking about the Flowers drier-tasting white blend of Moscato that was flowery in the middle taste and yet quite dry when you swallowed, and ONLY $10.99 a bottle : what a deal! Cheers, tim tim to you both, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn 3/2/14

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