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Anthony Quinn's Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits' Store Tuesday Email Of Last Weel Of February 2012 : Brasil's Carnival 2014 : SALTON Espumante Sparkling & Pther Brazilian Wines, Too

This is an old email but we have NOW - AGORA some of the SALTON wines of Brazil for you all to celebrate Brasil's Carnival at the end of this February 2014! Come check it all out - 202-363-4265 ... Cheers, tim tim, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn

Cleveland Park Wine Cleveland Park Beer, Liquor & Wine
Featuring a wide, international selection of fine wines, micro-brews and

FUNNY BUT NO ONE REALLY KNOWS our wine SUPER STARS by name like they know those
movie stars that have recently come to the openings of their movies across the
street at the Uptown Movie House : you know, like Tom Cruise, Benjamin Bratt,
Kevin Costner, Linda Carter, Mohammed Ali, Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore, Robert
Redford, Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Biehl and so many more.

WHO KNOWS THE NAMES OF Vittorio Navacchia ( TRE MONTI Romagna, Italy ), Walter
Bressia BODEGA BRESSIA, Lujan De Cuyo, Argentina ), Caroline Parent-Gros of
PARENT French burgundy ), Cantoni Matteo ( of FATTORIA FIBBIANO in Pisa,
Tuscany, Italy ), Christophe Reverdy ( of France's Loire Valley JEAN REVERDY Et
FILS ) and Thomas Haag ( of Germany's Mosel SCHLOSS LIESER, Lieser )? not many
people know these people by name and yet they may have enjoyed some of their
wines already? We have been selling them to you largely without mentioning
points and scores and simply talking about the wines themselves and who makes
them / who is behind them. The other interesting point to bring to your
attention is that recently all of these owners and wine-makers have been here
at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and have been tasting their current vintages
as well as some that are barrel samples and not yet bottled - just to give us a
hint at what they will be like later as we are all so anxious and curious!!
THESE PEOPLE ABOVE ARE OUR WINE super stars and just like Mick Jagger that has
dined here in Cleveland Park we draw the known and the unknown and are happy to
be a host to both. WE are always here for everyone as is our great neighborhood
of Cleveland Park N.W. Washington D.C. Here are some updates for you all on
these wineries and owners and wine-makers that I mentioned above.

Weingut SCLOSS LIESER, Mosel, Germany was just in the Wine Spectator for it's
Niederberg 2010 Riesling. I should have remembered that they were all out of
this vintage and expecting shortly the 2011 that I tasted with Thomas Haag
himself. Oh well, we do see lots of people as they pass through our store. WE
will look at getting the 2011 as it really did have a whole lot to offer,
especially a great finesse, power and focus. Stay-tuned. We are all out of the
SCHLOSS LIESER wines now but are soon receiving more. For more info go to :

AZIENDA AGRICOLA TRE MONTI Italian Romagna wines of owner Vittorio Navacchia
that came here ( February 22nd, 2012 ) a couple of years ago with his wife came
alone this time. I got him to sign our bottles of the " Campo Di Mezzo "
Sangiovese Superiore 2009 ( $17.99 ) that we have had our local Voila Imports
rep and owner Oscar taste with our customers. Classic, focused, firm and best
when served with food. It is medium-bodied and got so much character. For more
info go to : www.tremonti.it.

DOMAINE PARENT, proprietaire-owner a/ in Pommard, France. Family member
Caroline Parent visited us here on February 17th, 2012 with her colleague
Corinne Robert-Berthune and Ean and I tasted through some current wines
available to us. I got her to sign our bottles of the POMMARD Premier Cru " Les
Epinots " ( $102.99 ) 2007. We still have a bottle left for sale for some great
splurge event. Come and get it while I still have it. We tasted it with our
local rep Neal of Five Grapes Imports and liked it so much that we bought it
immediately for the store - even though it is quite expensive. We know and love
it for it's amazing elegance, finesse, refinement and yet still unmistakeable
power and breed : yes, breed. It's a wonderful class-act. Lovely color and so
much to say through it's Pinot Noir medium. For more info go to :

DOMAINE De La MORDOREE of Tavel, Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, Condrieu, Lirac and
Cotes-Du-Rhone, France : Owners Fabrice and Anne-Marie ( Fabrice's brother has
not been here yet unfortunately - but maybe soon? ) visited us here in
Washington D.C. for the very first time and what a delightful visit this was.
They are both charming as can be ( I bonded immediately with Anne-Marie's
joie-de-vivre which overflowed as we spoke in French about life, wine, art and
food )  and Fabrice is so focused and knowlegable on what he and his brother
are doing together. It was great to taste through with him the two 2008 dry
reds he had : the Lirac which Ean and I both absolutely LOVED, and the 2008
Chateauneuf-Du-Pape which was bigger, heartier, more complex and multi-layered
and needing even more of a flavorful meal to balance all it's power and flesh
and finesse. It will sell for around $80 a bottle and will be here the first
week of March. I got both Fabrice and Anne-Marie to sign our bottles of the
Tavel dry rose 2010 ( $26.99 - only three bottles left now! ). Merci infinement
Fabrice et Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie wrote : " Merci de votre bonne humeur, joie.
" and Fabrice wrote : " Bravo Anthony, la vie merite d'etre recue avec des yeux
d'enfant ... enjoy life, enjoy wine! ". For more info go to :
www.domaine-mordoree.com. Bon voyage aujourd'hui par avion vous deux ...

CHATEAU GAUDRELLE Vouvray, Loire valley, France : we had owner Alexandre
Monmousseau come again to taste his Vouvray wines with us that are arriving
soon. We sold the bottles that Alexandre sold while he was here and we will
have them back soon enough. Zack loves them and will be happy about that as he
often buys them. It was great to taste Alexandre's " new " sparkling Loire
valley Vouvray yesterday at the Mondo Vino wine-tasting. I loved it so much I
wrote a poem about it in part earlier today that I will publish at :
chatpoetry.blogspot.com tonight. It's lovely and we will buy some of that
really soon as well. Merci Alexandre. You are indeed one of the most faithful
propretaires-vignerons here at Cleveland Park as I believe we discussed on your
visit of the 23rd of February that you have been coming to our store since
2000! Wow, now that's something in today's changing and volatile and
unpredicatable world. Merci encore. As you wrote : " A Vigneau Vouvray brut
glass-a-day makes you more healthy! " For more info go to :

JEAN-REVERDY Et FILS, Proprietaire-Viticulteur a Chaudoux, Verdigny, SANCERRE,
Loire Valley, France : owner Christophe was just here in the store an hour or
so ago as well as the Mondo Vino tasting yesterday. Then I tasted the dry white
Sancerre yesterday as Anne-Marie and I were in search of the perfect wine to
accompany the shrimp at Mondo Vino. We drank it before we got to the oysters
but it would have been a real delight! Today I tried his rose and really
loved the delicate flavors of this elegant and rich and floral and
totally-balanced Pinot Noir soft-dry rose. I asked Christophe yesterday if he
thought that the dry rose 2011 would have complemented the oysters and he said
" non ". I bet that the rose would have been amazing with all the shrimp at
Mondo Vino! I should have tried some but was too focused on getting some wines
for the United States for Anne-Marie to try instead of the wines that she
already knew and loved from France and Europe. We have Christophe's cousin's
half bottles of 2010 Sancerre ( BERNARD REVERDY Et Fils ) here On Special for
$10.99 ( BUY TWO and we give you an extra 10% OFF and so the two bottles cost
you less than $20 ). For more info on Christophe's wines go to :

MONTEAGRELO, Bressia : owner Walter R. Bressia and family member Matias came to
the store and really impressed Ean and me on February 23rd, 2012 with his
excellent 2009 Cabernet Franc ( the first vintage, going to sell on our shelves
for $28.99 a bottle  ). I liked it and it will be fun and unique and great with
a meal as in my opinion it is still quite young. Buy some when we get it and
put it away for another 3-5 years. I liked the Malbec better because in my
opinion once again it was drinking better. Yesterday at Mondo Vino I sampled
also the oak ( Walter says his Chablis-style ) Chardonnay as well as the
Cabernet Sauvignon and liked both. We will definitely buy the Cabernet Franc
and see for the rest in March. For many years Walter was the chief oenologist
at NIETO & SENETINER that you may already know about? Gracias Walter e Matias,
hasta luego. And have a safe trip back today to Argentina after a two-week
adventure here! For more info go to : www.bressiabodega.com.

BUT HEY, What About BEER / CIDERS  From SANTOS : Here are some great " new "
goodies for you all to fit into your busy, fulfilling schedules -

1)  CRISPIN Natural  Hard Apple Cider " Original " Crisp Ober Ice ( On
Special for $7.99, 4-pack of 12 Fl. Oz bottles , 5% Alcohol by Volume,
CrispinCider.com, bottled in CA. & MN. is GLUTEN FREE ) is " crisp and
refreshing fermented fresh-pressed apple juice ". All natural ...


1) BARD'S Beer Company , The Original Sorghum Malt Beer " Bard's Gold ia
again GLUTEN-FREE ( contains no wheat, barley, rye or oats, has 155 calories
per bottle, from Utica New York, ) made from water, sorghum, hops and yeast.
You should check it out, just like the CRISPIN mentioned above if you have
problems that gluten-free ciders and beers can help with : the list continues
to grow fortunately.

2) PEAK Organic Brewing Company IPA ( India Pale Ale )  On Special for
$9.99 a 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles. We just tasted them here this past Saturday
and I must say that I have never been more impressed as I was this time. Tim
used to sell them to us but has returned to Maine where they are made I
believe? Anyway our current rep had three different flavors available for
tasting and I loved all three! Now that's a first for me. Being a wine guy I do
not usually respond this well to the beers I taste and this time they were all
really marvelous! I recommend you come and try all three. From Portland, Maine
and with 7.1% alcohol by volume. Cheers.

3) GRIESKIRCHNER Weisse Austrian Premium Beer ( On Special for $2.99 a 1
Pt .9 Fl. Oz bottle, 5,1% Alcohol ) was tasted by Nolan Hale this past weekend
with you all here. I tasted it : quite smooth and creamy and mellow and a
delight all by itself. It's from Brauerei Grieskirchen. For more info go to :

4) ELYSIAN Idiot Sauvin IPA of the MANICIPA Series ( On Special for $7.99
a 1Pt. 6 Fl. Oz bottle, 6.3% alcohol by volume, www.elysianbrewing.com for more
info, Denver , Colorado ) " The star of the show in this beer is the citrus and
passion fruit aroma and flavor of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops".

WINES From Ean & Tony :


1) CANTINA GABRIELE Chardonnay dry white from Lazio, Italy ( Rome ) is On
Special for $10.99 a bottle and is fresh and light and crisp and an absolute
delight as things start to warm up and we all want to be / and can be more
outside. It's also kosher  for Passover and Mevushal, too. It's a really fine
dry white for an excellent price. I highly recommend it. Cheers and enjoy. It
only contains 12% alcohol by volume.
2) PRAVIS Vigneti Delle Dolomiti Pinot Grigio ( $13.99 ) 2010 is an
absolute delight to drink and enjoy with or without food. Dr. Erika, oenologist
and family member knows what she is doing and we have bought extra for the
store because we like it so much! It's only 12.5% alcohol by volume : you
should check it out if you have not already.


1) NEMESIO Winemaker's Selection dry red blend from Pategonia, Argentina (
$11.99 ) is a delight of flavors that are full and rich and in need of a meal
with :  40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 10% Malbec and 10% Pinot Noir. It's
a winner, bravo Lucas! For more info go to : www.bodeganqn.com.ar. 14% alcohol
by volume.

2) DOMAINE CHANDON'S 2008 Carneros Pinot Noir ( On Special for $19.99.
regularly $32.99 ) is really showing quite well now with this extra bottle age.
It's got medium-body and enough flavor and personality to hold up to many foods
and not overpower them. 14.5 % alcohol by volume.


Friday, March 2nd ( 5-8PM ) : We have Estebe coming to taste the wines of Spain
- MUNIA of Toro, TERRAPLEN of Navarra , and CANARMUYO of La Rioja,  Argentina :
reds and whites, as well as some really impressive " new " sherries
from ALEXANDRO. Last week we opened the Oloroso and it was magnificent, really
structured, flavorful, balanced and a treat to captivate the palate.

Saturday. March 3rd ( 2-6 PM ) : We have Marcie Weinstein here of Constantine
Imports to taste some of her excellent Italian wines like the Montepulciano and
the biodynamic Pinot Grigio from PERLAGE. WE will also taste her ALBERDI 154
Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina and more. It will be like revisiting many old
friends. Some of you know these wines and many of you still have to discover
them. JOIN US : never any charge for our tastings.

I KNOW THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN MANY THINGS like talk of the Oscars and " The
Artist " a silent movie in black-and-white, the red carpet. Oh well : so many
things to remember. I will say that we have our very own red carpet across the
street from us at the Uptown Movie House ( I have put on our Facebook page at :
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ) pictures of some of the many stars that have
come their for their premiers and openings. Don't forget to always support the
Uptown : we want  it always to be successful and there for us as it is a great
fixture of our neighborhood and is going through difficult times. We have
discussed this at our business meetings and I know it was talked about a lot at
the library recently.

FOR MORE INFO go to : www.clevelandparkwines.com, also to : Facebook at :
Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits, on Twitter at : cpwinespirits, and to :
chatwine.blogspot.com, chatpoetry.blogspot.com. We have lots to share with you
here from pretty much everything that you can imagine we can help you realize.
Cheers and thanks for all your help and support and business. Cheers,  TONY

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