Friday, November 2, 2012

I Am Consulting Now On ALL-THINGS WINE W/ 30+ Years Of Retail/Wholesale Washington D.C.-Based Experience & Much More, Too

Time for me to get the word out : I'm now consulting on ALL-THINGS-WINE with my 30+ years of experience here in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region having seen the wine world " scene " grow up from a virtually white and empty canvas ( being an artist and seeing wine as an art form I use many visual and artsy descriptions ) to a vibrant, complex,multi-colored and flavored, seasoned and spiced and layered wine landscape/tableau. I started back in 1981 here in Washington D.C. when I took my first wine job at Rex Wines & Spirits working under Dan Kravitz that is the owner now of his own import company called Hand Picked Selections.
It's been a glorious 30+ years for me and I have seen so many people like Dan Kravitz start their wine careers here and then move away to other parts of the United States as to the world. Our paths have been parallel in many ways and I have chosen to remain here in Washington D.C. and continue both in my wine career with my artistic bents tagging along always for good measure, support, nourishment, good will, balance, inspiration, encouragement and more. Being a family man with children this has been a good working relationship. At this point in my life I want to take my wine career to the next level and work as a consultant and share my broad experiences that I have honed and gathered as I have navigated carefully and with enthusiasm and dedication both the wine worlds of retail and wholesale here in Washington D.C. Along the way I have also written many a store news letter and email and conducted many a wine-tasting in and outside of a wine store. I am ready to continue assisting in these two ventures as well as in the building of a wine cellar ( go to my page here on blog spot called : to read more. I just posted a blog there a few minutes ago.
I will in my next blog entry here detail much more of what I will be offering to anyone interested in taking a wine ride/ adventure with me. It can be both fun, instructional and very rewarding. I love what I do in the wine business and have often referred to myself as the " wine-enabler ". I said it years ago and it has stuck. I look forward to hearing from you soon. You may contact me at : and we can talk for a half hour free to determine where we will go from here and accomplish those things in wine that are most of interest and of concern to you, both immediate and long-term. Cheers, Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn