Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Bastille Day One Et All, Samedi a 12:52 P.M. Chez Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits A Washington D.C. 20008 N.W. : Merci Laurent, Francois, Claude,

Happy 14th of July , 2012 - Bastille Day - to you all! Come over to Cleveland Park Wines here in Washington D.C. to celebrate today : 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. 20008 ( Tel : 202-363-4265 ,,, also on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and on Twitter at : cpwinespirits. ).

Come to our free French wine-tasting with Chris Bartha from 2-6PM and then go over to Lavandou for a two-course meal for $32.50 plus a free dessert afterwards! What fun : let's all celebrate together. Merci Jean Trimbach, Laurent Givry, Francois Hurtel, Claude Thibaut, Herve Gantier, Olivia Bombart, Lew Fulton et tous les autres! Bonne fete a vous! Venez nous voir aujourd'hui ... a votre sante, TONY

This was a good meal with our old friend Lew Fulton at Lavandou restaurant down the street that has been in business for the last twenty years or so? Merci Florence pour ta belle cuisine ... et a la prochaine fois. TONY

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 : Looking Back! MIOLO Vineyards IS BACK " Sparkling Espumante From Brasil's Vale Dos Vinhedos, Bento Goncalves : Bright Sunshine ...

Bright sunshine perhaps at 11 A.M. or later in the afternoon around 6 P.M.? Yes, si. mais bom. I like it : I have been a fan now for quite awhile and I have tasted various releases over the last four or so years, ever since Flavius A. Cucu brought me some to taste. With my Brazilian background going back to 1955 I have been pretty much a fan of all things Brazilian! That still has not changed and here in July of 2012 as we get ready to celebrate France's Bastille Day ( le 14 Juillet! I also love pretty much all things French! ) I am thrilled to have it to offer everyone here in our Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington D.C. 20008 , 202-363-4265 at the very reasonable price of $16.99 a bottle. You should all buy a bottle and taste it.

Yes, si ... like the taste of bright sunshine that has settled nicely into the fabric of this liquid , gold-glinted sparkling espumante. It tastes quite rich and fresh and with great elasticity, fine fullness on the palate that saturates and coats and touches and yet does not tire or fatigue the tongue. It's flavorful enough, it's complex enough, it's engaging enough, it's well-balanced, well-focused : fleshy without being overly anything. It teases and pleases.

This MIOLO Vineyards' shows it's fine Italian heritage now going into the glorious fifth generation. You can see the care and the time, the thought that the folks at MIOLO Vineyards' like oenologue Gustavo Duarte put into the making of this splendid sparkling elixir that positively gleams a golden sunshine's radiance as the bubbles rise in the glass and one lifts the glass periodically to their lips to embibe this dry brut ( 11.5% alcohol by volume ) methode traditionelle. It's pretty addictive, too so be prepared to have an extra bottle on hand when you drink it as you will become positively expansive about life and being alive and able to enjoy and appreciate fully your immediate situation : and this will become obvious to others as they approach you and are drawn to you ... and you offer some to them ... and the magic of sharing and being together is a wonder to behold. Cheers and enjoy. TONY

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday, July 6th, 2012 ENJOY! Anthony Quinn & Theresa Morrison Of Boutique Selections Talk DE MEYE & SEVEN SISTERS/ &Luberon PALAIS PRIVE Roses

It's Friday, July 6th, 2012 here at 4:39PM here in Cleveland Park and it's hotter-n-hell and we have John and Theresa Morrison coming here tomorrow to taste some excellent South African and some dry french Luberon PALAIS PRIVE rose and white. The rose sells for $20.99 a bottle and it's from the 2011 vintage and it will be good to have it open for all our customers here in Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008, Tel : 202-363-4265, also now on Facebook at : Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and on Twitter at : cpwinespirits ). We will taste some of the excellent DE MEYE " Little River " 2006 Shiraz from Stellenbosch ( $10.99 ), and the SEVEN SISTERS Chenin Blanc, $13.99 " Yolanda " 2011 dry white from South Africa.

It's always great to see you Theresa, as well as John tomorrow here when we pour some of your excellent wine selections. It is so hot that we may have to soak ourselves with some ice-water, too. Oh well, we will triumph.

It's one of those really hot and humid and sunny spells around the 4th of July weekend and many people are still without electricity and power and internet access and that's really hard. This has been going on since last Friday night around 11 PM. We feel for those of you all that still do not have power and electricity and welcome you to come to our store here in our Cleveland Park neighborhood to " cool off " and enjoy John and Theresa Morrison's selections of wines.

Theresa is also the author of the book CAPE WINELANDS on South Africa and she will talk about it, sign copies and sell them for $20 a bottle. The sales of these books all goes to help breast cancer research. It's a beautiful book. We love it and recommend it to everyone and have sold over a hundred copies. You will love it once you see it and want to hop on a plane and be off to South Africa yourselves. Cheers! Stay cool and come and see us. TONY