Saturday, November 28, 2009

Danielle Davidowitz W/ Dionysos Imports Alentejo Red & White ESPORAO( Portugal ), Verdelho Spanish White, Poire French Sparkling, Ginger Beer -

On this particular late afternoon this is what Danielle Davidowitz ( ) our rep for Dionysos Imports had in her bag of tricks : the red and white dry Portuguese wines of ESPORAO, Alentejo Portugal, a sparkling dry French pear POIRE like sparkling apple cider except made with pears, a dry white Spanish made with the indigenous grape Verdelho ( used to make madeiras ) and a ginger beer, too.

Above I love this picture of the 2007 red Herdade Do ESPORAO ( Alentejo Portugal ) with Danielle. Where's a glass of it when you would like one?!? As a matter of fact looking at these photos makes me want to try them all over again.

We already have the ginger beer at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 Tel : 202-363-4265 anthonyquinn@clevelandparkwine ) and we will think about bringing the red and white Alentejo Portuguese ESPORAO as well as the sparkling French pear POIRE.

I enjoyed sampling these current releases from Dionysos Imports and as you can see from these photos I also enjoyed capturing the moment and some good pictures of Danielle through the wine glass as well as pouring and without her knowledge pictures showing her relaxed and natural as she spoke about the wines, sparkling pear and ginger beer.

I like to have un-posed pictures that flow naturally wherever I can.

I also like to have pictures of the wine labels and bottles through the wine glass and through the wine which they hold inside the bottle. It;s important for me to show the product so that you can actually see it and what it looks like outside of the bottle.

What is it's color, it's clarity and how does it change by the light and by the Reidel wine-tasting glass that holds it?

I have more to add but want to post these pictures now for your visual enjoyment. It's Thanksgiving weekend 2009 and it's a beautiful Sunday Nov. 29th, 2009 and I've got to be outside now. Stay-tuned for more soon.

Cheers, TONY

The day has been glorious and I was able to be outside in our yard in my shorts and my sandals raking leaves and feeling warm and comfortable and thoroughly enjoying the sunny, bright, blue-skied day with wispy trails of white clear clouds ... nice.

It occurred to me during all of this that I am quite pleased to see these Portuguese wines that still use their indigenous grape varieties and that still are overall traditional in style yet tweaked by modern innovations. This is important and this reflects the experience of hundreds of years and I applaud that. It's fine to add here and there but it's also important to continue doing things that have always worked and which have been learned gradually over many years and moons and often the hard way and by accident.

The other thing that occurred to me is to mention that in three days : Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 from 5:30-8:30 PM that we will host our annual " Big Theme " Bubbly / Sparkling Wine / Champagne Tasting at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits. Everyone is welcome and so bring a friend, a family member, a neighbor, whoever wants to come along with you.

We will have Danielle as well as Yanni the owner of Dionysos Imports pouring their selections on this evening. It will include I believe three Portuguese sparklers as well as one red Portuguese sparkler. This will be a lot of fun as well as quite educational. It also occurred in doing this to ask Danielle to pour the sparkling pear, the French POIRE. This will add another fun element to our tasting.

I will ask Danielle this on Tuesday when I get to the store or perhaps tomorrow if I remember while I am still home on my day-off. Cheers and be ready for more still to come.

The other young lady pictured here is one of our favorite customers that I asked to stop and taste with us as I knew she liked very much a good red wine ...

There's an undeniable beauty here between the facial expression, the glass and the wine in it and around it's surface as well as how the light both frames Danielle's face and the wine splits and adds accents to it. And that's before you even consider the warm smile ...

The reflection of images ( what are they? I think they are the refracted light of the colors from her scarf that you may see in some of the photos. It's amazing how they form individual columns of bright color reflecting of the deep, concentrated red color of the Portuguese ESPORAO ... This in itself is a wonderful abstract expression ) in the glass of red wine above and the way the ceiling bright white/yellow florescent lights frame both Danielle's smile and her perfect white teeth is simply amazing to me. I love it. I think I really captured her here and she was even aware that I was taking this series of pictures? I guess her face relaxed here and lost any self-conscious qualities and her true spirit triumphed? It may be one of my best photos. Subject and wine and wine glass and everything nice ...

The photo below when she was completely unaware that I was taking these series of quick snap shots also is a winner as her true smile and colors reign supreme. What a smile.

I'm an artist and love to take these pictures while I sample and taste the wines brought to me at the store. I delight in capturing pictures that are pure and not posed and forced and self-conscious. I hope that those that I capture in them may also appreciate them as a tribute and as my expression of the moment as captured with luck, experience, a willingness to experiment/try and either win or lose as I go for a picture that is hopefully original in some fashion or other.

I enjoy the wines as I did very much here with this selection. I also enjoy very much the setting, the people that are with me as I taste the wines and I find it all quite inspiring, too. I want to capture my enthusiasm and share it here and after the fact as I talk about it and look at the pictures that help bring various aspects of it back to me.

I feel blessed to have so many generous and kind as well as beautiful customers and sales people. It sounds corny but I do believe that my world is filled with both beautiful females and handsome males as I try to look below the skin and into the people themselves and whatever joy or warmth that they have there and are willing to show and share with me and with others ...

I hope these pictures have inspired you to come to Cleveland Park to purchase some of these wines and to see what we are all about here.

Come to the BIG THEME Bubbly / Sparkling Wine / Champagne Tasting this coming Wednesday, December 2nd ( 5:30-8:30 PM ), 2009 at the store. See you soon ...

OASIS Winery On My Mind Saturday, Nov. 28th, 2009

It saddens me all of these recent developments that involve the old owners, Corinne and her husband of the OASIS Winery out in Hume, Front Royal, Virginia. What has gone so wrong?

I remember when Corinne used to come to Burka's Fine Wines N.W. Washington D.C. where I was the wine manager back in the late 80's. She would come with her current releases and taste me on them and I would either buy or not. I almost always bought something and was happy to have them on our shelves as they represented something from our back yard and I was proud to be able to offer and share them with our customers.

I would have to reorder as they sold and people enjoyed them : the dry blends as well as the Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Chardonnay and the sparkling wine, too. Prices were reasonable and they added to the selections that we offered and took nothing away. I liked this. I still fervently believe in supporting Virginia and Maryland as they are our back yards.

Two memories that popped into my head recently about Corinne was both her hard work and effort at supporting the local Montessori school programs in northern Virginia as well as I guess out in Front Royal? We talked about it on a number of occasions and I liked her focus and dedication to that.

I also really enjoyed hearing about how OASIS provided the house wines of red and white ( special labels ) for George Washington's Mount Vernon. What are they doing now : Mount Vernon I mean? She was proud of that I know and as well she should have been. She and her husband worked hard to make wine that was good enough and better to have the special Mount Vernon labels on them.

Of Corinne's husband I remember that he was soft-spoken and felt quiet and had to be drawn out some as he took us on a tour of the winery. I could tell her was proud and thoroughly invested in his wine. They were like his babies : his extended family and I warmed to that immediately as we tasted one wine after the other and he explained quite a bit about each.

OASIS Winery was on a roll back then in the late eighties/early nineties and I look forward to them opening again and bringing us more good sparkling wine, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and whatever goodies their dormant vines might yield now that the winery I understand is closed and the vines are left to fend for themselves?

I don't really know much except that it does sadden me all of this. Good luck Corinne, TONY

PS : It occurred to me as I wrote this how much Corinne's husband, Dirgham Salahi came alive as we/ I engaged him in conversation about his wines as he took us on our tour through the winery. We did taste many wines still in stainless-steel and still in barrel. This was a treat of course. However, to have this treat combined with that of the energy and conviction/ the fire that came from Dirgham's words and gestures as he brought all his wines alive for us was a very special experience. He was a bit slow to warm-up but he did and the wines were his muses and through him and his tongue they found expression and life as he spoke of them with such commitment and conviction. They were his tremendous labors and they shone as a result pleasing some more than others depending on their own palates and moods of the moment. So natural, so appreciated ... and we went up later to the tasting room to enjoy more of these OASIS wines.

This was a very special event and I think that the small group of us gathered from Wines Limited Imports really enjoyed ourselves out in the countryside of Hume, Virginia as the night took over the day and the wines and the animated conversation warmed and cheered us ...

Funny, I remember rushing to get there in time for all of this while there was still light and then driving home in the dark of the night and the long shadows and the contrasts of light and dark as I wound myself home in the still and the quiet and the winding roads that crossed through the countryside often bordered by grape vines ...

OASIS was all the buzz for me as I drove along and I was glad to have been there with both Corinne that I knew quite well by this time ; as well as having finally made a connection with Dirgham that was responsible for all these wines , new and old, some still being conceived and some like really welcome old friends ...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Piensa, Tuscany, Serendipitous Stumbling Upon Period-Piece Italian Movie-Making, Tuscany , Italy , Friday, Oct. 29th, 2009

This was a wonderfully serendipitous experience that swept/washed right over my daughter and I on Friday, October 29th, 2009 in the morning before we met up with my old friend Alessandro Furlan.

We were heading from TENUTA VALDIPIATTA just outside of the town of Monteplulciano, Tuscany and advised to stop in the town of Piensa before getting to the foot of the hill of the town of Montalcino. We were going to meet Alessandro there at the famous gas station Eis or Ies ( ? ) - something like that. Alessandro told me that it is a famous meeting spot for those coming to Montalcino for the rossos and the great Brunellos.

We had to stop before we got there and snap some pictures of the countryside of Tuscany as it was taking our breath away this morning. I have included a couple of those pictures as much for the blue/wispy white rolls of cloud infused into it here to set the mood of the bigger picture around the town of Piensa.

I have also included the picture of the trees turning a beautiful yellow to show the season that we were in here the last week of October, 2009.

The weather was unseasonably beautiful and warm and clear and pretty and we could be outside and feel perfectly comfortable without bundling up for either the cold or the wind of which there were neither. This was our weather all week long : what great fortune for us.

Walking through this totally unexpected spectacle of a historical movie getting ready to be filmed this morning was a delight. I am only glad that I had both my Canon camera and the good sense to start snapping away as I did here even before I really knew what I was capturing.

These pictures do tell a story and I am sure that they will delight and surprise those that see it and may have been a part of it all.

Many of the actors in their period piece costumes/outfits saw me snapping or at least pointing my camera in their direction. Some smiled, some looked away into the distance as if they were transported to their own worlds. Perhaps in their heads they were rehearsing their lines? I do not know. They might have been psyching themselves into their roles as the filming was probably about to get underway any moment. I wish that we had had the time to wait and to see them start acting. They looked so good in their period pieces that I would have delighted to see them and hear them acting. I could have caught some of this on video. As it is we will just have to wait and see the movie sometime in the future.

Enjoy these quick snap shots that I made as my daughter and I walked along pausing every now and then to soak a bit more of it all in. It was a treat for me to look at all the pictures this early evening and then again just now to see what I had actually captured in digital format. I am pleased and it made me happy to see them and to be able to look at them carefully. I will look again and probably add more as I have the chance. They do inspire me and remind me of this fun moment in my life that I shared with my daughter and all these actors. TONY

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bo Bo Box A To Top / Opi Opi Wo Woo : 4 Saturday Morning Poems Inspired By Lucie Morton And The BOXWOOD Winery W/ Rachel Martin, Virginia 11/21/09

I hope that you enjoy these 4 Saturday Morning Poems that I wrote before work on November 21st, 2009 the morning after the successful wine-tasting of the BOXWOOD Topiary and Boxwood dry Red Bordeaux-style blends mimicking both the Right and the Left Banks of Bordeaux. Cheers, TONY

Bo Bo Box A To Top
Opi Opi Wo Woo
Od Ood Pia Pi Pi
Piary Iary Wood
Box Round Not Wood
No Nove Ove Ove
Ovel 'Proach Ap Apro
VA. Virg Verge
Ergen Irgin Ginia
To Taste Wines Of
Rache Vines Of Luci
The 'Sult Re Reap
In Rope On Mouth Ton
Of Tongue's Scope Tell
No Telescope On Up
Shout Mount Yeah Ountai
Fonts Jaunts Fountains
Topes Of Opiary Of
Woods Of Reds Rossos
Rouge Vins Tongue
Si Ungues Expands ...

#1 Le 21 November 2009 Samedi matin a 10:31 AM en voiture en Virginia on a clear, milk, blue white mix, fresh, brisk sunny fall morn ... TONY

To Luci Si Lucie I
See Did Yes Aft So
Many Moo Moos Moons
Agh Fly Fly Way Up
Times Off Be Away
A Way Of Pass Ass
As Sing Skip Hop Jaun
Aun Aunting A Way
Go By Stay Hey Hey!!
No Not Yeah Yet Lucie
'N Me Did Pass Paths
Once Yes Again Yes
Yest Best Ester We
Did Gain Time To Cha
'N Chat We Did Cheer
Find Other 'Tween
'Twixt Us News Old
Yest Now Catch Ba Ba
Bat At Up Up Batch To
Space Long Fill Some
In Spin We Web Contacts
A Ah Anew ... Re
Re Knew Know
Renew ...

#2 Le 21 Novembre, 2009 Samedi matin a 10:37 AM en voiture en Virginie on a sunny, brisk, bright, cheery fall morn ... TONY

Ca Cat At Catch Latch
The Times Old Olden
Si D'Or Go Go Olds
Gold Untold Now
Air Fresh Free Un
Minds Unfroze Up
To Rose To Head Toes
To Mind To Eyes
The Gather Gether Pri
Rise Prize Su So
Surp Slurp Alert Sur
Sure It Now Grea Not
Gray No More Just
Surprize Seren Na Na
Nate En End Begin
Eren Na Na Nate To
Ip It Dip It Ity Aty So
Nice Lucie More Of Morton
Hope I To See Decree
I Lucie Spree!

#3 Le 21 Novembre, 2009 Saamedi matin a 10:44 AM en voiture en Virginie avant mon travail de vendre plus de BOXWOOD et des autres vins ausi, on a clear, sunny, some brrr, crisp fall morn ... TONY

To Re Be Uni Unit
Morto Orto Nite Day
Again Together Aft
Vine Wine A Box
A Wood A Topi
Opi To Over Reds
2 Wines We Get
Yeah Back 25 Years
Times Stretch Long
To See Chat To Conn
So Ne Ne Nect Once
Again Holes In Up Fill
To Space The Board Of
Time Some 'Nection
So Tact Of Con Of Be
Hap Ap Appy Other's In
Come Lucie Come Rache
Gather Here Please All
Plus All Go Goo Over Good
All Our Tim Time
Over Lime Not
No Sub ...

#4 Le 21 Novembre, 2009 Samedi matin a 10:50 AM en voiture crossing over the Potomac River from Virginia into Washington D.C. on the Teddy Roosevelt bridge on a clear, sunny, brisk , brrr, nice blue skies morn ... TONY

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lucie Morton & Rachel Martin Of BOXWOOD Winery, Leesburg , Virginia at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits Tasting The Boxwood & Topiary Reds On 11/20/09

This was a long time coming this reunion of mine with my old friend and colleague in the wine business Lucie Morton. She's the female version of what the Aussie's refer to affectionately as the " dirt man ". That' someone that's in the field and that works the vineyards in Australia.

Lucie, it's great to see you once again! It was sometime in the late eighties when we last saw one another I believe. We met at the Mayflower Wines & Spirits when I worked there with Sidney Moore ( Margolis now ) and Michael Downey, Moe Parzoe, Larry Jennings, Leon, Iris, Karen, John and many more people who's names I should include here. Those were some wonderful days and back then I knew very little about the Virginia wines except for perhaps Piedmont. Meredith, and Ingleside?

We also sold back then some Ham Mobray wines of Maryland MONTBRAY Vineyards as well as Robb Deford's BOORDY Vineyard wines and those of Pennsylvania's ALLEGRO Vineyards. Those were the formative years and that is when we met Lucie. Everything was so young and fresh back then : the canvas was still largely white and ready to be painted. It was a time of hope and joy and expectation where ideals and dreams still abounded and held us all captive in their formidable embraces.

There was less-scripted and the goals were to realize one's dreams and make really fine wines first and then find ways to sell them and stay alive and pay one's bills. It wasn't simply about packaging something smartly and selling as much of it as possible. It seemed more about the vision and the dream and the mission and less about the business though that was essential as well.

You had published one of your two books then as a viticulturist that was summoned when all means had been exhausted and still no cures had been found for the ailing vines and so you Lucie were the last hope/final resort. You became the vine doctor so to speak that would ultimately save many a day and your realm grew to many parts of the world in the United States and then later around the world.

You helped us at the Mayflower find some excellent contacts in California and I still have some of that correspondence. You would come to the Mayflower and you would buy wines from Sydney, Mike and me and it was always a great pleasure to be in your company.

About a year ago I read an article in the Washington Post I believe in the Metro section about this new winery that I had never heard anything about in Leesburg called BOXWOOD. I read the story one morning before work with rapt attention. I was hooked with the French references and also the mention of Lucie Morton I believe? Was it then or hours later when I was speaking to someone at BOXWOOD that your name was mentioned Lucie? I simply cannot remember. But once it was I was hooked and had to discover more.

I am not a football fan but I do know about the Washington Redskins and I have heard the name Jack Kent Cook. I realized that he was an owner and that wine oenologists from Bordeaux were a part of this team effort and that they were making/shortly releasing their first vintage of the BOXWOOD red Bordeaux blend. Was the " Topiary " red blend also available? I cannot remember.

I called the winery to express my interest in tasting and selling their wines and doing an in-store wine-tasting if they would like? I did end up speaking I believe t three people at the winery and ending my conversation with you Rachel.

I extended my invitation and explained a little bit about myself and Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits where I manage the wine department with the help of Mike Martin. We had a nice conversation and I mentioned to Rachel that I knew you Lucie.

We left it that you came to Washington fairly frequently and that you would come by soon and taste me on your wines. I was excited : I was happy to find out about another Virginia winery that we might support as I like very much supporting the local wine business. I was hoping to get you to the store soon to taste your " new " releases Rachel.

Then I received a call a year or so later from a young lady saying that she worked for BOXWOOD and would like to come and taste us on her wines if I had time. It took me second or so to remember the reference to BOXWOOD as I had not thought about it in quite awhile.

We had had many tastings already of the Virginia wines and often with either the owners or the winemakers : like VERITAS, RAPPAHANNOCK, STONE MOUNTAIN, INGLESIDE, JEFFERSON WINERY, BLENHEIM, and more.

In the really early days it was with Corine of OASIS and Rein Dupont and Bud of PIEDMONT and Jacques Recht of INGLESIDE and Joachim Hollerith of RAPIDAN Vineyards was it? What fun!

This young lady came to taste soon after our call and both Mike Martin and I were at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits and both able to taste. We really enjoyed both the Boxwood red blend as well as the Topiary red blend. They mirrored the Left Bank and the Right Bank of Bordeaux. I believe at the time that I preferred the Topiary over the Boxwood.

Most of all I remember liking the wines and liking the balance and the lack of any off or unpleasant flavors with one wine needing quite a bit more time than the other. I thought that both wines should be enjoyed with a meal and that both could be kept longer to really let them better develop and show what they were really made of and what we could expect with time.

Secondly I recollect that I thought the wines would be too expensive for the store and that we could not afford to sell them. I was ecstatic when I heard their reasonable pricing and relieved that I could not only order some and also recommend that this young lady come and do an in-store wine-tasting really soon. Mike was really pleased with the wines. I don't think that I had ever seen him this excited over Virginia wines before.

I had bought and received the wines and both Mike and I were actively selling them. We had set up a tasting of them on a Friday and the week of the tasting I received a call from Rachel saying that the young lady that had set the tasting up with us no longer worked for BOXWOOD. She went on to say that it was harvest time and that it was near to impossible to come to the store this coming Friday and could they reschedule? I said : " of course " as I understood how paramount the harvest was.

Rachel called me later and we set a new date for the tasting and I asked her if she would call Lucie Morton and invite her to the tasting? She said that she would and so I soon received a call saying that both she and Lucie would be in the store from 5-8PM on Friday, November 20th, 2009.

I already had a tasting set up with Jody Jackman of Winebow Imports ( tasting Washington State's Columbia valley MERCER Pinot Gris, $13.49 ) and I called to alert Jody to this new development and ask her if it was okay with her? She said she understood and so then I called to confirm the date with Rachel. We were on for Friday the 20th of November, 2009 and I was ecstatic, really I was!

I already knew that we liked the wines at Cleveland Park and that I would finally be seeing you once again Lucie and meeting you for the very first time Rachel. What could be better? Not much.

So yesterday finally came and it was almost 5 PM ans Jody you called to say that you would be a bit late. I was expecting you Rachel and Lucie at 5 PM and 5 PM came and went and finally it was 5:30PM Jody and you strolled through the front door Jody. I was relieved for that as people were coming and wanting to taste and I was stressed that you Lucie and Rachel were not here and I had not heard a word from either of you? What was going on? What was I going to do?

I relaxed and resolved to do nothing and just wait as the store was already hopping with two beer tastings ( one with owner Beth Ann of Calypso organic imports tasting three Belgium organic beers/ as well as a young lady tasting PERONI Italian beer ) and one CANTON Ginger and cognac blend tasting with Devon. It was a lively time indeed at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

Finally one of my customers Steve whispered into my ears : " Isn't this supposed to be a BOXWOOD wine-tasting and I said " yes ". I quickly explained the situation and went back to the office to call Rachel.

A few moments later around 6:30 PM I heard my name called out and so I went out to see what was needed of me and Lucie walked up to me, recognizing me before I did her and saying that I had not changed a bit in the last 25 years. I loved this and I knew that everything would still be okay even though we were starting a bit late at 6:30 PM.

Rachel was coming in a separate car than Lucie's. She had the wine with her. I had a few bottles of the " Topiary " and two left of the " Boxwood " ( both sell for $28.99 a bottle ) and so I immediately opened the bottle of the " Topiary". I told Lucie that she could start pouring it. Her response was : " You want me to pour? I don't know how to pour? How much do I pour? ". I showed her quickly and we were off as there were people there already waiting to meet her and taste her wines.

Lucie told the owners of what root stocks/vines to plant and they came from California. She got the ball/vines rolling at BOXWOOD. Without her expert help none of this would be exactly as it was and things are going really well for BOXWOOD from what I can see.

They recently got a great review from Dave McIntyre in the Washington Post newspaper just a month or so ago. I was sorry not to see FABIOLI Cellars not mentioned in this article on Leesburg Virginia wines as I also like very much what Doug Fabbioli is doing with the red Chambercin grapes as well as his Cabernet Franc and his fun port-style red. BOXWOOD was at the top of Dave's suggestions to try. Bravo BOXWOOD.

Lucie, you quickly got the hang of pouring and you called Rachel to know that she was parking and would be here really soon with her wines. I introduced you to Steve and to Nick and to Julienne and Bill and pretty much everyone that came tonight. You did a splendid job until Rachel showed up pouring now both reds. Then it was quite the spectacle to see all three of you ladies pouring and talking about your wines from Jody to Rachel to Lucie. You were our three lovely sirens this evening and it was all good and many of our customers walked away with signed bottles by both you Lucie and Rachel to take home and enjoy later : perhaps for Thanksgiving?

All the wines showed really well last night. I preferred the softer " Topiary " to the more lean and muscular " Boxwood". I think that we tasted until 8 PM and before you left I asked you both to sign the bottles that remained for others to buy later. It was a team work from you both and the job got done and everyone was the better off for it.

Both of you stayed and tasted some of the other products this evening and then you left Rachel because I believe you had your dog to attend to?

Lucie, you stayed on and after I showed both of you the store and you complemented us on having an extraordinary variety and selection we were able to finally catch up on 25 years gone by Lucie. I drew quickly three sketches of you as we chatted Lucie. I also showed you my wine blog and some of the artsy pictures that you enjoyed very much and quickly explained that Rachel would like as well with her art background. Then I showed you one of my sketch books from this year's trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina the first week of August. We talked families and children and Sidney Moore and both Harry and Jesse Moore as well. We talked Virginia and Sperryville and Chris Wasmunds and peach eaux de vie and neutral grain spirits and rye. We talked Aussie winemaker Rob Gibson and Jed Steele and New Zealand and Banyuls and Dan Kravitz and old vine Grenache and much, much more.

It made my heart and soul happy all of this Lucie. We will have to do it again really soon and it was also a pleasure to meet you Rachel.

I have much more to add I believe but it is now 1:31 AM on Sunday, November 22nd, 2009 and it is really time for bed. Cheers and thanks again for coming to taste Lucie and Rachel.

Rachel, you smiled as you said that you brought me Lucie and Lucie you added immediately that it was only because of me that you came : that you normally did not do this kind of thing. Merci mille fois mes belles amies ...

Enjoy these photos and late go to : for thr remainder of the photos that I have posted there where I will finish any of these thoughts as there were many and this event brought many back to me thankfully. TONY