Monday, April 13, 2009

Sean McCaskey Of WASMUND'S VA Single Malt Whiskey /Sat. April 11th, 2009 Pouring His Three VA. Producst : Single Malt Whisky, Rye & Single Malt Spirit

     It was great to get Sean back here in the store to sell more Virginia spirits and whiskey and rye : it's nice to keep supporting our local producers and keep it good and also green at the same time. 

     We have done really well with the WASMUND single malt whiskey for the last year. It has helped that both Rick ( owner ) and Sean have been here to do tastings ( now three in all (. It's also helpful that they leave a bottle of each behind so that we may taste our customers on their three excellent products. You can see them pictured here. You may also purchase the different size bottles to make your own and age them for three or four months and then re bottle them and server them from the bottle. That's special : your own part you are playing and that gives you an even stronger connection.

     The WASMUND's  Rye and Single Malt Spirits are $16.99 and the Single Malt Whisky is $27.99. Sean was here tasting all three this past Saturday April 11th, 2009 here at Cleveland park Wines & Spirits from 5- 8 PM.

     FOR technical info go to : Copper Fox Distillery Enterprises, LLC 9 , River Lane, Sperryville, VA. 22740 Tel : 540-987-8551

     Sean's partner is owner Rick Wasmund at : Rick has been here tasting, too. He was here just about six weeks ago and you should check that blog out, too. This is Sean's second visit/tasting here with our customers of Cleveland Park. The single malt whisky at $27.99 has been a resoundingly BIG SUCCESS! Thanks guys for such an excellent product.Cheers thanks Sean,   TONY

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