Thursday, April 2, 2009

Owner/Winemaker Morten Hallgren Of RAVINES Wine Cellars, New York Winery Visits Cleveland Park Wines Tues. Mar. 31st, 2009

     Here are some wonderful pictures I hope to match the wonderful wines that I discovered this past Tuesday with Morten and Jody Jackman our excellent Winebow rep that always brings us some of the finest people in the business. 

     It was great to try Morten's wines and I will write more about them. Also, this Friday Jody will taste at least one of them here at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 Tel : 202-363-4265 ) with our customers from 5-8 PM.

     On Tuesday with Morten who is originally from Denmark ( learned wine making in Montpelier, France ) and Jody Jackamn we tasted six wines : two whites ( one Riesling and one dry indigenous blend ), one dry, round, elegant rose, and three reds ( a Cabernet Franc, a Bordeaux red blend and a Pinot Noir ).

     The dry indigenous white blend was crisp dry and very flavorful with both weight and body and needing food to balance it out even if only cheeses, etcetera. The Riesling was also dry and yet it was rounder and softer and easier to sip on it's own.

     The Pinot Noir was very pleasing and silky-soft : so nice to enjoy either with or without food : medium-to-lighter-bodied. The Cabernet Franc was fleshier and round, fuller on the palate and really pleasing though nowhere as spicy, earthy or zesty as the Loire Valley Cabernet Francs from Chinon, Bourgeuil and Saumur-Champigny. The red Bordeaux blend was the most interesting of the three reds and got me caught up/rapt nicely by it.

    All the wines were balanced and focused and well-made in my opinion : more of an old-world style. The rose was dry yet full and rich and with good weight and accent and yet so drinkable and appealing just like the more flavorful Provence wines from France.

     It was a great time and an eye-opener and I learned more about the excellent quality of wines being produced in New York state, in the Finger Lakes region .

     Come taste with Jody this Friday April 3rd, 2009 from 5-8 PM. We will have a grand time with these New York state wines.

     Thanks,  TONY

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