Tuesday, April 14, 2009

JamesTeegan of ROMBAUER Vineyards, Silverado Trail, CA. Visits Cleveland Park With Five " New " Releases / Tuesday April 13th, 2009 W/ Jody Jackman

With James Teegan and Jody we tasted : ! ) the ROMBAUER Chardonnay ( $37.99 ), 2 ) the Merlot " Carneros " $32.99 ), 3) the Cabernet Sauvignon ( $37.99 ), 4) the Diamond Select Cabernet Sauvignon, 2002 ( $66.99 ) and the Zinfandel ( $33.99 ).

We will have Jody Jackman come here and taste both the Chardonnay and the Zinfandel at her next in-store, wine-tasting. That will be fun. She will taste another inexpensive Chardonnay and Zinfandel to show the differences. That will be educational and fun, too. I picked the Chardonnay and the Zinfandel because they are both really lush, bright, open and forward wines that will please most everyone as they have captured and stored so much of the power and wonderfulness and warmth of the sunshine> Just like capturing the bubbles in champagne : both the Chardonnay and the Zin have captured the sun's shine and releases it continuously and pleasingly on every one's tongue.

Just like the Eagle's hit back in the 1970's about " that pleasant, easy feeling " and the wines mimics this song's full range and they fill the palate completely just as the song fills the whole musical range on our ears , too. I mean, what's not to like?!?

If I were asked to pick my favorites it would have been the two Cabs ( one being the Diamond Select 2002 ) and the one Merlot. They were more reserved wines that would take me longer to draw out from themselves, extending them to their maximum pure, self expressions. I enjoy this process : it means that I am for me a more important player in the relationship between wine and man. That's to say that if I am patient and wait and see and taste what happens as the wines unwind, blossom and fill the spaces on my tongue along with the flavors of food I will be more rewarded. Of course this may just be an idea in my head ; it may be simply that I want or feel the need to be more engaged with the wine in my mouth?

I like this working at the wine and the experience that I will have with it with family, friends, acquaintances, fellow workers and the food, too. I'm used to this : to extrapolating and guessing and wondering/wandering as the tastes and flavors either work their magic for me or not. Of course I want them to work for me.

In the case of these three reds I feel quite confident that they do indeed work their varying magic, charms and showcase eventually their unique personalities over the expanse of my palate : bravo. I liked the Merlot, I am finding that over the last two or so years that I have enjoyed Merlot-based wines more and more because of both their flavors and their approachability now and at present and not always needing as much time to age as many Cabernet Sauvignons. This 2005 comes from the Carneros district and I like very much what it has going on.

I also liked both Cabs as I said and I will write more about them tomorrow when I am back at the store in Washington D.C. I am home now in northern Virginia and do not have my notes handy. So, stay-tuned for more.

Also, check out my earlier ROMBAUER blog that I did after drinking the bottle of 2001 Diamond Select Cabernet Sauvignon that Jody gave me at Christmas ( is it two years now?!? ) and which I enjoyed with family and friends at our local pool here in our neighborhood. It was amazing, even drunk in plastic cups with little time for it to open. We still loved it at the end of the day and the leaving-us -soon of the light ...

As I have already said it was fun o meet James Teegan of ROMBAUER Vineyards and to taste his excellent " New " releases earlier today ( Tuesday, April 13th, 2009 ) with Jody Jackman our Winebow rep. Here are some of the pictures that I took of this fun, serendipitous tasting as I took photos, talked, tasted and listened to both all the wines and to James and Jody as well!

I take a lot of artistic licence with the photos I take and look for interesting ways in which to capture in one frame the bottle, the label, the wine and those people attached to them. Sometimes I get it almost just right and other times I fail miserably. Thank goodness for the digital camera that gives one opportunity , one after the other after the other and again and again and again to keep trying to see what you capture fleetingly and serendipitously : and hopefully with the expressions that are natural on a person's face unaware that they have just had a picture snapped of them!

It does take a lot of patience. And slowly the people you are taking photos relax and warm to the idea. It then becomes rather collaborative my photos.

James and I hit it off pretty much immediately and I am always happy for that. It's a pleasure to meet other like-minded wine souls out there today. Many come to our store and I always feel especially lucky when I can make the right connections with them and that we both discover an appreciation for the other brought to our attentions by wines that we met over. It's a gift and one that I feel fortunate to receive as often as I do. Thanks James and Jody.

For more technical information go to : James M. Teegan jim@rombauer.com 3522 Silverado Trail, St. Helena, CA. 94574 www.rombauervineyards.com.

Before leaving I asked James to write something in our guest book. This is what he wrote : " Tony, The most unique tasting experience I have ever had. I love your approach to wine. Looking forward to printing the pictures. Thank you for your time and support. The joy of wine, cheers " signed James Teegan.

Cheers, TONY

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