Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinner @ Le Quartier Francais 3/19/09 W/ MORESON'S Hannes Meyer, Clayton Reabow and Richard Friedman

This is rated one of South Africa's Top 10 Restaurants and I have to say it was a magical evening for John Morrison and me in the heart of Franschhoek! I spoke French to all the waiters and waitresses to see if any of them would respond or recognize what I had said? I got lots of smiles back and an occasional giggle but no French, none at all and I have to say that did disappoint me. Oh well, the food was superb, so was the service : so many attentive people there close by and ready to assist in any way.

I also loved the open, airy, spacious and yet comfortable, intimate look to the place. I loved the play on silverware in all the paintings and artwork, too. The images were blurred and represented in odd or certain angles that made you think at what you were looking? Was it forks and knives and spoons? Was it something else? I liked the playful, creative and interesting colors or lack of being used.

I'm an artist and I notice that type of thing, perhaps more than I should : but I am fascinated by what people in their homes and in their businesses put on the walls. I will often stop and really focus my attention on these works for minutes at a time. I did this evening.

I was hungry and in need of red beef and I ordered some here : the rib eye steak. It was excellent but I would have ordered something more inventive or typical to Franschhoek if I had stopped to realize where I was.

As it was I was feeling very special and pampered and I wanted to give back something for all of this. My answer : was to draw quick sketches of everyone there and that's exactly what I did! I started with the MORESON three men gathered around the table with John Morrison and me.

As we arrived I met the sister of the owner of MORESON : she owns this restaurant. I also met her manager of Le Quartier Francais. The owner did not join us I am sorry to say. It would have been nice to have gotten to know her some as I am sure she is quite interesting. The manager did stop by and I quickly sketched her and gave it to her.

I was asked to also draw one of the waitresses and I did, asking her to sit down for just a brief moment. All my sketches I did as people talked and moved and enjoyed themselves and so they were more to capture the moment and the idea of these people. It was fun and absorbed me as I ate my excellent rib eye and before that mussels.

Because I was drawing I did not take as many pictures. These show our wine-tasting before at MORESON and then later at the restaurant. I hope you like them. Unfortunately my camera was playing tricks on me at the time and I was without my knowledge still taking pictures with a red/pink/silver tint to them. Sorry. They do still capture the moment and the event.

Cheers, and thanks everyone. TONY

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