Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stephen Fanning Volunteers His Time At Cleveland Park Wines In 2006 To Learn The Wine/ Liquor / Beer Business & Is A Big Help : Thanks Steve!

Here are some pictures that I took of Steve Fanning  while he helped us at the store. Hope you like them. He helped us for three or four months back in late 2005 I believe. The picture I took of Steve and Vahe is dated 11/05.

Steve sure was a big help to Mike and me as well as Santos and even Ravi I believe as he stocked shelves, filled displays, put beer into our coolers, whatever needed being done and he was always willing and ready and cheerful about helping us in any way that he could.

Thanks Steve for you invaluable assistance for these few months in 2005 ( were you with us, too in early 2006? ) as you learned about the business that you one day were thinking of buying for yourself.

You always went /worked the extra mile and were both a big help and an inspiration to us all as you followed your dream, sweating it out often as the temperatures and store heat took it out of us all. Yet you never complained. We had fun together and we're glad to still have you returning to Cleveland Park when you need champagne, wine or beer. You're family now as well as a friend.

I'm glad I found these pictures to post here for you and for us to remember some of these nice moments when you could take a break and meet some of the most important people in the wine business.

It's always nice to have Aurelio Cabestrero ( owner of Grapes Of Spain Imports ), Vahe ( owner of a Chianti estate as well as a maker of other Italian wines like Le Corte and I believe also wine in Bulgaria is it? And Jo Pithon of the Loire Valley sure is jolly and friendly and has worked all his life making an assortment of dry to medium to sweet Loire Valle Anjou Chenin Blancs.

If I find more pictures of you Steve I will add them. Thanks again.

Cheers, TONY

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