Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sorisso Restaurant Our Anniversary With Son & 1981 MONSANTO Il Poggio Chianti Classico Reserva Feb. 7th, 2009

     This was a great meal and experience for my wife, son and I. We had a grand meal. Pietro was there and came upstairs and spent some quality time with the three of us.

     He and I both worked to open the special old bottle of MONSANTO Chianti Classico riserva "IlPoggio " that I had brought specially to the restaurant this evening to celebrate our anniversary of that same year. Imagine that, married and happy and still a team that works together for the good of the family! I like that.

     The wine was starting to fade but still majestic ( we as a couple have fared much better though we too have gained a bit - wee bit of bottle age!

     Actually this MONSANTO 1981 " Il Poggio " was still very much alive though there's no doubt that this bottle at least had seen better days. It may not have been stored properly, too. I bought it in a possible distress sale years ago at Calvert Woodley when the price was pretty ridiculous because they inherited it and could not vouch for it's pristine shape. 

     It was fun to try and share with my wife, Pietro and his son and daughter ( both of who work there : the son in the kitchen and the daughter on the floor ). It turns out, too that Bob a good customer of ours was on hand and Pietro offered him a taste as well : one big, happy family.

     These pictures are just of the plates of food and the MONSANTO 1981 " Il Poggio ". They are the more atmospheric type of photos that I like to take. I like all the warmer, deeper, more intense colors I got.  Look at the beautiful mature color of the " Il Poggio ". Hope they convey a small bit of the mood and the lighting on this evening. I've always liked these salt and pepper shakers : great colors and a fun form, too. 

     The food was delicious as well. We all dined really well and I will have to mention more about that later. Let me finish by saying that Sorriso could not have done more to make this any more of a special evening than it was shared between my wife, son and I and Pietro and his family and the lovely ambiance that they generate and share there with all their customers. They all become like family I believe.

     We also bought a bottle of the white Falanghina from FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO that was showing really well this night. That, too was a treat. You can see the bottle on the table next to the " il Poggio ". It was a refreshing and flavorful contrast of minerals and citrus overtones next to the earthier, pithier, much more mature 1981 Chianti Classico Riserva. I've always been a Falanghina fan and this one was excellent with our meal.

     Check out more pictures of Sorriso on my other blog about Manuel Rojas that took me to lunch there not too long ago. Plug in his name into the search box and you will see more of Sorriso the restaurant and the great photos and art work, as well as Pietro's son slaving away on a pizza and other things in the kitchen area.


     Cheers,  TONY

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