Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maria Pica JOAO PORTUGAL RAMOS " VILA SANTA " Here With Jody Jackman Tuesday, March 2009 To Taste " New " Releases / Vintages At Cleveland Park Wines

It was great when Jody Jackman of Winebow Imports came to see us last Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 with Maria Pica ( export manager , Telem : 00351 917 586 316 ) of JOAO PORTUGAL RAMOS / VILA SANTA 7100 Estremoz, Alentejano, Portugal ) to taste Maria's current releases.

It was a great tasting and for me quite enlightening. I loved meeting Maria and grilling her about these classic/traditional-style Portuguese reds and whites.

It all started a couple of week's ago when Jody was her doing one of her Winebow selections Friday evening tastings for our customers. Jody had her bag of wine-tricks by her side and during the quiet moments of her tastings she was producing one bottle after the other to shoe first Mike Martin and then me.

There was quite a bit of commotion all of a sudden with one of the wines. Jody brought a bottle of VILLA SANTA 2006 vinho regional Alentejano ( 30% Aragones, 30% Touriga National, 15% Trincadeira, 15% Alicante Bouschet and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon ). Mike was all over this : he was reliving the old days here when Peter Anastopolos and he bought this wine and the other from JOAO RAMOS " VILA SANTA " wines from Fran Kysela Imports.

When I got here in 2000 we were still selling the full range of these reds and they were fun to sell; so much individual flavor each of them, better with food than their own and just a great value for big, classic, earthy, rustic, slow-to-open hearty reds. They are some of the " unappreciated, still undiscovered " gems of Europe. It's thrilling to have them here back in our store now on this Friday, March 6th, 2009.

With Maria and Jody I tried several wines and bought immediately some more of the " VILA SANTA ", $21.99 mentioned above. I also bought some of the VILA SANTA " Trincadeira " 2007 ( aged for six months in French oak barrels ), $21.99 and some of the dry white that is a blend of three indigenous white varieties called " Loios " 2007 that has amazing flavor, body and taste and that sells for only $9.99. What a deal : I predict that we will sell lots of this as the weather warms up some more. I also predict that we will add more of these RAMOS wines to our selection. Stay-tuned for more info as we get it.

It was great to have Maria here. She's a lovely lady and I really had a good time tasting with her. I took some artsy photos, too which I hope you all appreciate. She said when signing our guest book : " Dear Tony, Thank you for the challenge during the tasting. You have a great place!! Wish you all the best ... always with wines from Portugal Ramos ". My best, signed Maria and dated March 3, 2009.

It's nice to have all these old friends from Portugal back and I predict Jody that you will tasting at least one of them if not two on your next Friday tasting here in the store.

Cheers, and thanks Maria, come and see us again anytime. You are welcome here. TONY

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