Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mano's Italian Restaurant ,Green Point ,S.A. Mar. 16th, 2009 Luncheon With Artist Friends Of John Morrison : Palate In Flowing Bright White Service

I want to apologize for the pictures that come out with the tinted palates of grays in these photos sometimes making people's skin and lips look gray. They were anything but and my " new " camera was playing tricks on me. I am not a camera expert by any means and so I am disturbed and intrigued for the results. Please anyone photographed here do not take offense to this : I certainly mean none at all.

This was my second full day in South Africa ( in Mano's Italian restaurant in Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa to be exact ) and I was relaxing, having the time of my life and snapping away like a madman trying to capture the mood of this wonderful luncheon with John Morrison and his two artist friends. To say I was not also captivated by the lovely young ladies wrapped nicely in bleached-white tops and aprons would be dishonest : all you have to do is look at the pictures and how I framed them to know this.

When we got to the restaurant after looking at John's friends' artwork at their studio we immediately walked into the bar where Mano the owner was standing. John Morrison has known Mano for a very long time and they immediately said " hello " and he introduced us all. Mano was charming , signed a menu for me and came over to our table to chat while I snapped away and took pictures. He had an engagement and had to leave so we only saw him briefly.

We proceeded to have a wonderful time. We ordered wine, appetizers and our main dish and so for the next two hours we were wined and dined and served well by waitress Amy-Lee ( the blond here that I think I heard her say wants to be an actress here in South Africa ). Others also brought us plates. And others like Robin served others. Together a staff of perhaps five or six beautiful waitresses moved quickly, effortlessly through this big, open space and both their lithe bodies, beauty and bright white made a wonderful contrast to the pale pastel color of the restaurant. It was like a light pastel sea filled with moving islands of bright, sun-dazzling, flashing white that criss-crossed, cut, sped, zipped and popped in undulating yet young, youthful female beauty and efficiency that occasionally smiled, too and had me an artist enthralled and captivated perhaps more than I should have been as John's artist friends were so warm and animated and equally amazing in conversation, expression and stories that I loved hearing.

This was quite the luncheon and one I will not soon forget. I was having a feast to engage completely all my five senses. I was almost on overload, about to explode at any minute. Look at the pictures and I believe you will get just a glimmer and an inkling of all of this. I am happy to have them to share anyway. There are many more as well and perhaps I will share those later. In the meantime enjoy these.

The food was delicious, too. Everyone commented on it. I enjoyed the line fish ( catch of the day ) which is called Kabeliou I believe : a white fish that I loved. The grilled calamari with chilli was excellent as well. We enjoyed two white South African wines, neither of which John and Theresa Morrison represent. The first was an older Chardonnay that everyone found a bit tired and the second was a lovely dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc that everyone loved. I will have to ask John which they both were an include them here later.

Mano wrote : " I hope your experience is memorable. Regards " signed Mano. The menu says under Mano's : This restaurant is dedicated to friends. I like that a lot. It sure was memorable. Thank you Mano, thank you John Morrison and Peter, Lilian, Amy-Lee, Robin and the other diners, servers and of course chefs and personnel in the kitchen that indeed made this luncheon inflowing brilliant motions of whites come to life and into full focus for us.

Three other great comments written were : " A man in space ! " P. Webber and " Love from Lady Cadillac " L. Webber and " A small vision of Green Point .., cheers " John Morrison. I like all of this.

I wrote : " Great to meet you Peter and Lilian. Cheers, TONY

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