Friday, March 27, 2009

Film Shorts/Don't Blink, You'll Miss Them ! Max Di Lenardo, Owner Poderi Colla, Owner " Le Paradou ", John & Theresa Morrisson & More :2005-2006

   Here are some of our favorite winemakers that visited the store here at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue Washington D.C. N.W. 20008, Tel: 202-363-4265 ) that visited and tasted here with our customers in 2005-2006. Pictured are owners of PODERI COLLA, Piemonte, Italy : John & Theresa Morrison ( owners of Boutique Vineyards Imports ), Franceen Khang with PODERI COLLA'S owner, Max Di Lenardo, Friuli, Italy, French owner of " Le Paradou " southern Rhone valley, Jean Trimbach, owner of TRIMBACH wines with his brother and neice Anne in Alsace, France ...and more . I hope you like them all. They are short, short, short but still help to capture a moment, though briefly. Cheers,  TONY

     P.S. I will soon be adding my longer film videos that I recently took in South Africa last week : March 14-22nd, 2209. These are fun " teasers " in the meantime.

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