Monday, February 2, 2009

Wine / Zinfandel Morning Poems - Four Of Them - Written on May 23rd, 2008 Friday Morning In Virginia

It was on Friday morning that I wrote these four Morning Poems in Virginia from 10:34- 10:52 AM on a sunny, breeze-bright, sun-on-my-hands morning just before work in Washington D.C. I hope you like them. Cheers, TONY It's now Monday evening here at home in northern Virginia, my day-off at 10:08 PM as I start to type them here and post them soon.

Sipping Zapping
Snapping Whips
Crack Racking
Fast Tasting Zins
Quick Moments Spins
Out Stretch Glassed
Arm Right Intent
Meaning Please
Fill Taste Type Year
Area Alcohol What?
Zins Reds Colors
All Shades Deep
Clear Thickened
Oh So 'Paque Very
The Smells ? Vary
Arious Quite Con /
Pro Trary Rari Up
Down Up Sit Roar
Snores Snare Snarf Bark
Bake Quake Queer Quincy
River Wine Liquid
Me Lips Lick
Dels Thos Fans
Of Zins Some Me
Times , Too ...

#3 le 23 Mai, 2008 Vendredi matin a 10:46 AM en Virginie on a sunny, breezy bright, sun on my hands as I write morn !

I'm Sworn I'm
Swine I'm Dine
Like Dif Know
If If Iference
Ref Ref Yes I
Know I Learn
I Churn Burn I
Ample-S See
Ob So I Do
Serve Moment's
Nerve Moment's
Small Big Middle
Climbs Sinks Lows
Lime Lemons Mineral
Fruits Fruiting Flaring
Flirting Liquid Wine's
Moments Mouth Hand
Lips On / In I Spin Swim
Swarm Swerve Swoon
Happy Appy Loon-Tune As
I'm Lit Bit Swallowed Spit
I Stand Sit Climb Limax
Fizz ... More, No Quiz ...

#4 le 23 Mai, 2008 Vendredi matin a 10:52 AM en Virginie en voiture en plein soleil ! It's a sunny, breeze-bright morning. Hope you liked these poems of mine. I'm enjoying the spontaneity of them : they just rush out or I pull them out. I leave them just as I first write them unless I indicate differently. I like them in these, their virgin states. I'm hoping that they are more true to whatever was going/ passing through me as I wrote them. Cheers. Oh , it's 10:25 PM now on Monday night , February 2nd, 2009 ( Groundhog Day ). TONY

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