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Jeremy Sutton Of Kysela Pere Et Fils/Fille Tastes " New " Wines: TRES OJOS, GRAND VENEUR, PICPOUL DE PINET, REGUSSE Aligote & More Wed. Feb. 25th, '09

Here are the pictures that I took of Jeremy Sutton here on Wed, Feb. 25th, 2009 in Cleveland Park. It's been good to get to know Jeremy. He clearly has the passion for wine and works for Fran Kysela that represents so many excellent wine values.

On this visit Jeremy brought Mike Martin and me some excellent " new " as well as old favorite wines to taste. You can see them here in the picture. I always take a picture because it helps me later when I write these for the details of the names and the vintages and the order in which I sampled them. You would think that you would remember all of this but we end up sampling many wines and this is a great way to keep it all as straight as possible as we know that memories flag and chose what to remember and what to forget : and that can be downright unfortunate!

In this line-up Jeremy brought us an excellent white 2007Aligote dry white indigenous grape ( not that many people have heard of Aligote ). The Aligote was probably better known twenty years ago when French wines were still all the rage and people were making more kirs to enjoy before a meal.

This Aligote 2007 ( $10.99 ) comes from the southern Rhone valley ( or is it the northern Provence- Hautes Alpes, the Pinoit Noir comes from there ) area from the DOMAINE DE REGUSSE ( vin de pays de Mediterranee,, tel: 04 92723044, Pierrevert,France ). We have enjoyed selling now for months the REGUSSE Pinot Noir that Mary Leigh introduced to us then.

It was with delight and anticipation that I tasted this  2007 Aligote. We can always use a good Aligote in the store to drink with a meal or to make a kir with ( that's when you add some creme de cassis to some dry white wine which was traditionally the Aligote dry whites from Burgundy). I was hoping it would be as good as the Pinot Noir that they make and I was not disappointed : rather, I was delighted!

It's hearty, it's robust, it's gripping and a bit tight and muscular , earthy, dusty-dry and a touch like a fine sandpaper as it goes down the hatch! It's perfect for a kir and perfect for a hearty meal that needs something to fight back and stand it's ground : both of which this REGUSSE 2007 Aligote ( $10.99 ) does brilliantly and more : and for a great price to boot! Cheers and kudos again to the DOMAINE DE REGUSSE.

     Jeremy also brought us the Alaine Jaume & Fils Reserve GRAND VENEUR ( 84100, Orange, France, ) 2006 red Cotes du Rhone, $10.99 that is smooth and polished and shows a lovely patina on the palate of bright red toasted cherry-strawberry flavors mingling cheerfully with milder, behaved spices that have been brought-up in a good family. It's balanced and well-spoken, sometimes a bit softer and sometimes it raises just ever so slightly it's voice and flavor profile to rise to the occasion and complement it, the guests and the food being served.  It's a blend of 70% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 10% Cinsault grapes.We've always had here a soft spot for it here in Cleveland Park N.W. Washington D.C. and many of our customers have thoroughly enjoyed it over the years.

     On other recent visits Jeremy has also tasted us on the Spanish Calatayud old-vines Garnacha ( same as the French Grenache ) red TRES OJOS, $7.99, the Corbieres red 2006 " Col des Vents " of CASTELMAURE, $8.99 ( it's the best I've tasted in some time, excellent - really great polish and balance, ) and the EVER SUCCESSFUL/POPULAR Picpoul de Pinet HB 2008 Coteaux du Languedoc, $7.99 dry white French wine that we have easily sold more than a thousand cases over the years : and for which people just keep returning for over and over and over again! It's also available here in the magnum ( double-bottle size ) as well as in the 3-liter box. Never be out of Picpoul de Pinet at your home!!

     We have all these wines from Jeremy here in the store today on Thursday, March 5th, 2009 at 10:43 AM as I get ready to proof and post this blog. It's a cold, bright morning that is warming into the 40's and taking/melting some of the beautiful white snow along with it as it melts. It's a baby-blue skied morning and it feels great to be alive today and if you can, come by today and take advantage of our 20% OFF on twelve or more bottles of any still wines or any still wine bottle that sells for more than $20 a bottle.

     Cheers, and enjoy this glorious day. It's a great day for an Aligote REGUSSE  kir or some of any of the above reds mentioned : they are all so very affordable during these very serious, trying times.Cheers,   TONY

Enjoy, TONY

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