Saturday, February 14, 2009

Evergreen / Spruce Goose Oregon Tasing Here At Cleveland Park Wines Yesterday, Friday February 13th, 2009 : 5-8 PM

I have already written pretty extensively about this tasting earlier in the blog I posted a couple of days ago. It's the one about the 3 tastings we did this past Friday, February 13th, 2009 at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits.

I wanted, however to isolate the pictures from the EVERGREEN " Spruce Goose " Oregon wine-tasting with John & Theresa Morrison ( Boutique Imports ) that brought both Greg Jones - - and Jule Gradek ( from McMinnville, Oregon, 3850 Three Mile Lane, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 Tel : 503-472-9361 , ) here to the store on the day before Valentine's Day.

It was the third time seeing Greg. We met him almost a year ago with my wife and son when we were invited over to dinner at John & Theresa's home in Annapolis, Maryland. That was a very special dinner indeed. Even our son was able to join us in the celebrations because of the non-vintage Oregon Pinot Noir grape juice from Spruce Goose without any alcohol. It's really quite nice to drink, slightly-chilled : it's off-dry and very pleasing.

Anyway, on this last Friday, February 13th we poured the two Pinot Noirs : the " Spruce Goose " 2004 ( $21.99 ) and the 2004  " Commemorative " edition ( $30 ) along with the non-alcoholic Pinot Noir grape juice ( $9.99 ). I'm happy to have all three in the store because they are all so different while being elegant, balanced, focused and really quite refined.

The two whites we poured were both the dry 2006 Pinot Gris ( $19.99 ) and the dry 2007  Riesling ( $19..9 ). Again, I liked them both very much and could see them easily complementing many meals. I had to taste quickly and so my impressions were quite fleeting. I will have to revisit them all again soon to develop more detailed impressions. But again these two whites were flavorful, dry, distinct and balanced wines that I can easily see myself enjoying with food.

Thanks Greg, Jules, John and Theresa for this superb tasting at our store in the nation's capitol. Let's do it again soon. We sure did sell lots of wine and turn a lot of people onto the pleasures/tastes of your Oregon EVERGREEN wines.

It's Monday, February 16th, 2009 ( President's Day ) here at home as I type and proof this at 2:02 PM before sending it. Cheers, TONY

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