Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alan Cohen, Vice President-Owner Of VIGNOBLES, LVDH USA, Inc Visits Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits And Tastes " New " Releases Here Wed, Feb.11, 2009

Here are some pictures that I took of Alan as he introduced us to our " new " sales rep from LVDH and tasted us on some of his " new " finds/discoveries.

      On this visit Alan had two Syrahs for me to taste : one from France named after Laurent Vonderheyden's grandfather, ROBERT DAVIS, 2007  and the second one from Australia and called Shiraz even though they are the same grape. It is still confusing to a lot of our customers that are not sure about this. I think we will sell some of both these wines soon, in March if all works out as planned. I will include names and prices then. In the meantime you can see the bottles in these pictures here.

Alan and I have known each other now for quite a number of years. We worked together years ago for Laurent Vonderheyden that then was the owner back in the mid eighties of Laurent Selections Imports that operated out of Brentwood. Maryland. Together with Pascal Salvadori and Laurent himself ( with Linda and Sue in the office ) we comprised Laurent Selections and worked both in Maryland and in Washington D.C. to sell and assortment of excellent French wines beginning with great everyday Bordeaux wines.

This is much like what LVDH is all about today. Both Pascal and I have moved on and are still in the business whereas now Alan and Laurent are still in business. Laurent years ago lost his brother the winemaker at CHATEAU MONBRISON in Margaux and had to return home to take over where his brother had worked so diligently for years. He and Alan reunited again later : I am not sure anymore of that time-line.

So in my humble opinion LVDH is much like Laurent Selections but a bit smaller. We at Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue N.W. Washington D.C. 20008 ,, Tel" 202-363-4265 sales@clevelandparkwine.com www.clevelandparkwine.com ) have supported and worked with Alan and Laurent for the last eight years that I have managed the wine department ( I started I believe in April of 2000 ? ).

Recently John Peters was our sales person and John and I have also known each other for years. I just blogged about him recently here and you can read that if you have not already : just type his name into the Search Box. I also blogged about the wonderful dinner that Laurent, Alan, Antoine Songy all had serving a vertical of CHATEAU MONBRISON at Lavandou Provencale restaurant just down at the other end of our block here in Cleveland Park. You can do a search for that, too here at : chatwine.blogspot.com to read that as well.

Recently Alan has been bringing Mike Martin and me some really tasty French wines to sell here at the store. We discovered recently the dry white Bordeaux called CHATEAU BARRAIL 2007 ( $9.99 ) that we as well as our customers have fallen in love with. We've had to now order it I think three or four times over in a short space of time. We are out again and will have to order more tomorrow to come in in March, 2009.

Alan has also lately brought us some great 2005 red Bordeaux wines to sell and we are almost out of those , too. I am here at home in northern Virginia now on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 9:00 AM and will shortly head to work. I will get the names of some of those 2005 red Bordeaux and include them here with pricing.

I'm here at work now and two of the red 2005 Bordeaux wines are :  1) CHATEAU ROCHER-FIGEAC Saint-Emilion, $21.49 and  2) CHATEAU LAROCHE JOUBERT Cotes du Bourg, $13.49. BOTH are mis en bouteille au chateau = estate-bottled. We sure have sold a whole lot of the CHATEAU LAROCHE JOUBERT over the years here!

We have also done really well with a Vin de Pays D'Oc white Viognier 2007 Domain De La Morin I believe? I will check it at the store as well and get the proper spelling of it. We sell it for $12.49 a bottle and have loved it for years because of it's concentration of flavors, brightness , great focus and flavors. Our customers have agreed with us as they have consistently bought us out each and every time leading to sales of at least one hundred our more cases by now. I stopped counting years ago, what's the point? It has been one of our all-time " best-sellers " from LVDH.

I know I have to make some additions and corrections here when I get to work, which I will. However, I want to get this posted in the meantime. Cheers and enjoy, TONY

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