Thursday, January 8, 2009

Owner Tom Pennechetti of CAVE SPRING Niagara Peninsula, Canadian Winery Visits Cleveland Park, Washington D.C.

Dave McIntyre writes Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 in the Food section yesterday of The Washington Post newspaper of the CAVE SPRING " CSV" Riesling 2007. It's his first-pick in the article " How To Put Riesling Fears To Rest " , giving it two and a half stars. This is what Dave writes :
" This leading Canadian producer has recently begun distributing its wines in the mid-Atlantic region. The Estate Riesling ( $18 dry ) and the B Niagara Riesling ( $15 semi-dry ) are most widely available. The single-vineyard CSV, the winery's top bottling, is dry, delicate and fine, with hints of talc and exotic fruits ".

I've just downloaded these pictures of Tom. It's Inauguration Day here in Cleveland Park, Washington D.C. N.W. and we've had people coming to C.P. Wines & Spirits all day to purchase wines, liquor, bubbly, beer to celebrate or to silently drown their sorrows if they are not Obama supporters.

People have come here to our store after either the Inauguration swearing-in or the parade and have found havens at Nanny O'Briens or the Four Fields ( I know, I ordered my cheeseburger & fries from Nanny O'Briens and it took a long time! I rode the metro into town today from the Dun Loring metro and really enjoyed being stuffed into our car like others like a bunch of positive, happy, giddy people of all ages, colors, religions, countries, straight-gay, ... everyone was happy to be going to the Mall!

It was inspiring. It still is. It's been great to be here as the streams of people run through our store looking for whatever they need to get to continue celebrating this great day.

Obama's speech was " right-on " and I have heard it repeated many times already this day. It's a great moment to witness, be a part of and be able to comment on.

I will write more about Tom's ( Pennechetti ) wines, too. He and his winemaker from Italy I believe make brilliant wine. We are really pleased to have them here in the store and they sell consistently here. More about that soon. Tom's a really fun spirit and we bonded immediately.

Take care Tom. Thanks for coming here and sharing your new releases with us. I look forward to our next visit and to adding more to this blog soon. In the meantime enjoy this and these fun pictures.

In an hour ( it's now 7:08 PM here on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 here in Cleveland Park, Washington D.C. ) I will be getting back on the metro to head home. Cheers, TONY

P.S. It's now Friday, January 23rd, 2009 and I am at home in northern Virginia ( it's 9:30 PM ) and there' still euphoria and gladness/happiness in the air at work about Barack Obama being finally in office. That's a good thing.

I have found this note to me from Tom when I first met him on July 25th, 2006. As I said we bonded immediately. Here is what Tom wrote me then : " To Tony , Together with people like you, people with minds that are open, shut , unshackled , without the fog of unclear, concocted tastes in their way. Let's do one thing together ... let's take the dry out of Riesling ... even if the wine , & the winemaker, & the merchant , can be dry , if not halbtrocken. Here's to a global wine drier ! Looking forward to many returns. " signed Tommaso P. ( for Pennachetti ).

For more technical information go to : or Tel: +1 905 562 3581 Fax : +1 905 562 3232 ). Come and see us again Tom. Let's do an in-store tasting with all your wines someday. TONY

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