Friday, January 9, 2009

DJ , Assistant Winemaker of PEARMUND Winery, Here Tasting At Our Annual American " Big Theme " Wed. 11/12/08 ( 5:30-8:30 PM ) Cleveland Park Tasting

     It was great to get DJ here to taste. I had just met him perhaps a month before when our new Kysela rep Jeremy Sutton brought him to taste the " new " PEARMUND releases. PEARMUND is just outside of Warrenton Virginia and I can't wait to go there and to taste there on the spot. I drive by every time that I go down Rout 29 to go to Charlottesville to see our daughter.

     We started using the PEARMUND wines three years ago when in August we did our first " Big-Theme " Virginia Wine-Tasting with owners and winemakers only representing their wines.

     I took the open bottles of PEARMUND home with me after the Wednesday evening tasting here and enjoyed a glass each night when returning home until that Sunday : and they were still fresh and showing quite well. Funny, between the Cabernet Franc and the Ameritage reds they flip-flopped each night as they evolved in the open bottle and I would prefer one clearly over the other each night! That was a fun experiment for me to conduct in a relaxed manner each evening. You just never know. Don't assume that they all turn and are not any good after the first evening. Check them first and decide for yourselves if they are still enjoyable to drink or not.

     Enjoy,   TONY

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