Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dennis Sherman of Elden Wine ( bourgogne ) ,A Negociant en Vin living In Burgundy Stops By Cleveland Park, Wash D.C. With Fabulous Samples French Wine

It was great to see Dennis again earlier this year. I've met him at least once, perhaps twice before and have sold some of his excellent Chablis through one of the smaller wholesalers. It's been at least two years that we have done a small amount of business with his wines.

That was then and this visit was a much more ambitious sales-call on Dennis' part : this time he wanted to sell me directly through Hildebrand a pallet or more ( 56 cases mixed ) of wines to come here directly from somewhere up north, was it New Jersey?!? It's been awhile and my memory fogs and I cannot recollect all the details.

What I do remember clearly is the fabulous quality of these wines. Dennis had a list of French wines and their samples of 24 bottles. I told Dennis what I was the most interested in . We talked business, I tasted a couple of bottles and gave Dennis some information of others that we would like to work with.

Mike and divided the wines to take home and try with food. I took many of the whites because my wife loves white wine and so I drink a lot of white as a result. That's life and I have grown to really like white wine a lot more because of this. So be it. I would still, however, prefer to drink red wine most of the time when given the choice and someone to share it with so that I do not drink more than my fair share.

I put black ink marks by the eighteen bottles that I was interested in trying. I also made notes on the ones that Dennis and opened here together in the store. I will include those notes. However, Dennis' list is quite incomplete with many times no actual names of the Chateau or the Domaine : only he knows for sure , and then can he really be sure?!? It's a fun, inaccurate way to do business : a bit of a fun puzzle. I don't mind Dennis, really.

It's really early in the morning of Saturday, January 17th, 2009 - 1:05 Am to be exact. It's almost inauguration day here and things are starting to come alive in Washington D.C. I can't wait : I have to get into town to have the store open and running for business - sell lts of wine among other things.

I love these pictures I took outside on our deck as my wife and I enjoyed the bottle of French Chignin while my son and his friend roasted marshmallows. How do you like the light from the flames on the bottle and the glass? I will add more photos soon.

For more information on Dennis Sherman go to : Elden Wine, Sarl, Elden , Siret 453 200 750 00017 , 13 Grande Rue 21500 Fain-Les-Moutiers , France Tel/Fax : 33/ (0) 380 96 78 30 French Representative Office, Forum Worldwide Ltd. FORUM WINE ).

I have some more pictures to download but I have to find them first. I will but in the meantime I'm going to post this now so that you can read the story and get excited about Dennis' excellent selections of wines. He and I have just exchanged emails recently and I hope this finds him in good health in France. As I have said : Dennis, I am really jealous of you!

Cheers Denis, and Happy New Year 2009 to you and your family ! Wish I were in burgundy with you now! TONY

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