Thursday, January 8, 2009

Children, Pets & Their Parents : Our Faithful Cleveland Park Customers Here In Our Nation's Capitol, Washington D.C. 2005-2008

Here are some of our favorite pictures to share with you all. They are of many of our regular, favorite customers, their children and sometimes their pets that are as we all know like children, too! Hope you like them as much as I do. The pictures span the three years of 2005-2008 and there are many more for me to still find and download. It will take time to find them all as I enjoy taking pictures like these just as I like taking pictures of wine makers, wine owners and other reps and people in the wine world.

Cheers, Happy New Year to you all in 2009. It's now Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 1:53 PM. It's a beautiful, sunny, crisp, blue baby sky with puffy, wispy cotton balls of white clouds for accent; a good wind at times but otherwise beautiful for all intents and purposes which are many for me with all that January and 2009 represent in virgin vistas/canvases and possibilities. I'm psyched, really I am!

Stay well as Augustino used to say in parting from our store each and every time ; what a true gentleman he was. TONY

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