Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magic Hat Vermont Beer Tasting Dec 19th, 2008 With Renee

We had Renee back I think for the third time all within a three month period I believe - from October - December, 2008.

It's fun to have Renee here. She exudes energy and fun and excitement and always dresses in an appropriate fashion that suits perfectly the quirky, fun, spontaneous spirit I believe - capricious, mischievous and mysterious-playful?!?

I've taken a number of great pictures of these tastings and will include them all with time. Enjoy these for the moment.

Thanks Renee for these really nice tastings of yours.

We tasted the Circus Boy Hefeweizen, the Hoppy Winter Amber " Roxy Rolles " and the " Not Quite Pale Ale " # 9 : ALL for $8.25 a six-pack. Happy Holidays to you all! Come buy some of these marvelous MAGIC HAT beers!

I typed this at Cleveland Park yesterday, Wednesday morning quickly as the store started to fill with Christmas customers wanting help on the day before Christmas, December 24th 2008 : and there were a lot of them.

That's okay. I will write some about the beers later. I have now tried them several times at these tastings and I always like the #9. It's so easy to drink. What I do like are that all the beers are distinct and depending on your personal preferences they are also consistent and really well-made. I rate them in wine terms, being much more of a wine lover. Saying that I still appreciate these MAGIC HAT beers and would drink them if offered the chance at some one's home. I would also purchase them for those few, occasional times when I like to offer beer along with all the wins selections, especially in the summer or warmer months.

Cheers, TONY

P.S. It's just 9 minutes past midnight on December 25th ( now just 26th ! ) : what are the odds of me writing about the #9 and it being 9 minutes past midnight?!? All fun stuff. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. My family and I sure did. It was very special and we drank some sparkling wine as well as dry red and white, too later as we received friends over to end a most-perfect 25th, 2008. TONY

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