Saturday, November 29, 2008

Through The Glass Darkly/ Lightly / & Bubbly With Wine/ Beer & Liquor End Of 2008 At Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits ! Winemakers/Owners, Customers, ..


These are pictures of our customers and our sales people, winemakers and wine owners all seen through the wine glass. As I have said before this has become at least for now my " signature " and I will continue to explore I am sure for quite some while what I can do with pictures taken completely and partially through the wine glasses, often filled with the wines that the winemakers or the wine owners make, as well as the wine that our customers and salespeople are trying along with Mike Martin and myself ( Anthony ( TONY ) Quinn ).

My hope is that you like them at least in part and that you are also forced to see things differently and perhaps more interestingly?!? Only you personally -each of you may make that determination.

The white glares in big blobs and long lines on the glasses are the reflections of Cleveland Park Wines & Spirits' ( 3423 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C. 2008 Tel : 202-363-4265 ) lights on our ceiling. I think they frame, accent and add an interesting touch to many of the pictures that I take quickly. I'm always hoping that I get at least one really good one in this serendipitous ( take-what-you-get ) fashion.

One of the most interesting observations for me is to see how people react when I start taking their pictures. I often catch them off-guard and I think it amuses/confuses them at first and then the adapt and relax and enjoy " the-this moment " a lot, a bit, and sometimes not at all. I try not to include the latter pictures, after all this is supposed to be fun.

I don't always dry the glass of all the water drops from quickly cleaning them between tastings. I think that that can/may add something at times - patterns, texture. I also take pictures of beers as well as liquor as the Wild Turkey you see here. Some of the pictures have also been taken outside the store in restaurants and at my house.

Also hands are really important parts of these pictures to me. They , too tell a whole lot about the moment and the people caught in these fractions of seconds on my digital camera.

When you see yourselves you will know who you are. I have not put all the names in because I think this time it will be more fun simply to stumble upon pictures of yourselves and those that you know. You can then share them with them or with friends and family.

Enjoy and reflect upon these refelctions/distortions of glass, light, wine, beer, bubbly and liquor.

Happy Holidays to you all. Sante, TONY